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Rugby Hero Siya Kolisi and Lenovo in Strategic Partnership to Drive Digital Change

Rugby Hero Siya Kolisi and Lenovo in Strategic Partnership to Drive Digital Change

Technology leader and smart devices company, Lenovo has entered into a partnership with Siya Kolisi, who aligns with the brand’s purpose of innovation and community development in Africa.

The two partners share the same values of creating a brighter future, a better world, and enabling individuals to live their full potential.

Together they will drive a concise purpose, providing smarter tools to empower young South Africans.

A man and a brand with purpose

To reach success, Lenovo believes that people have the power to transform the world. With the right technology, tools, and partnership, society can be inspired to reach its next level best and achieve great impact.

The brand is committed to building an innovative ecosystem by collaborating closely with partners who drive and are reflective of transformational success.

From his lifestyle, career, family, business and career ventures, Siya Kolisi is an epitome of using resources and smart intelligent decision-making, to enable a high-performance environment for himself and those around him.

“Our partnership with Siya Kolisi is an important milestone for Lenovo. It’s the first partnership of its kind in Africa, and we truly believe Siya is the perfect candidate to help us deliver hope and change amongst the Southern African community. His ability to take action with the perspective of a better future for all, inspires us as a brand, to accelerate our inclusion and diversity initiatives, drive social impact, and enthuse continuous development through innovation,” says Lenovo General Manager, Thibault Dousson.

Commenting on the partnership, Siya Kolisi said: “I am absolutely honored and delighted to be associating myself and my personal brand with a technology leader like Lenovo. In the words of former UN Secretary-general Kofi Annan, “If harnessed properly, technology has the potential to improve all aspects of our social, economic and cultural life, and it can serve as an engine for development in the twenty-first century”. This is something I truly believe in for the youth of South Africa, and my partnership with Lenovo aspires to do just that.

Driving technology to achieve humanity

The Kolisi Foundation, which is co-founded by Siya and his wife, Rachel, aspires to change the narratives of inequality in South Africa with its focus areas being education, sports, gender-based violence, and food security.

A key component of this is smart education and how young South Africans can use technology to empower themselves and further aid their development.

“Communities that lack access to the latest technology will fall further behind as services, commerce, and education increasingly move to AI and smart platforms. Together we want to enable a model of learning that is adapted to a new generation of technologically empowered youth,” says Dousson.

A look at the future

This is the latest in a long series of brand ambassadorships for Kolisi, who is considered “a global icon and national hero,” says Dousson.

Lenovo considers Kolisi a true reflection of a nation building advocate, due to his belief and demonstration of diversity and inclusion. His partnership with Lenovo intends to bring hope and high spirits for a successful country.

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