How TikTok ads and UGC are being utilized to rake in revenue and finish Q4 stronger than ever before (during the recession).

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Odylic Media Ad Agency, announced today the Galvanizer Method, an innovative strategy to drive revenue and become omnipresent in the digital space. The strategy consists of crafting viral user generated content, driving qualified TikTok ads traffic, and formulating high-converting offers.

Odylic Media has spent over $8 million on digital ads and is now harnessing TikTok through UGC creative. TikTok is the fastest growing media platform with 142% revenue growth YoY. And as user engagement is 3x higher while the cost of running TikTok ads are 5x lower than meta platforms, it is blowing other platforms like Instagram and Google out of the water. Generating brands a 4-8x return on ad spend within just 2 weeks of ads going live.

“It’s not about TikTok or any social platform. It’s about a seismic shift in the content that people consume. If we follow the money, we see that massive investments are being made from Facebook, Google, to even Netflix, to incorporate TikTok style videos and its algorithm. This is a media revolution,” says Peter Quadrel founder of Odylic Media.

“People want to connect with other people, the sort of ads that convert now are not photoshopped, they are authentic.” Asher Pouliot Creative Director at Odylic Media.

Odylic Media is forging its way into the new space of TikTok ads, driving 4-8x return for brands using their new Galvanizer Method.

Odylic Media is a premium TikTok e-commerce agency, helping clients add $500K$2M to their annual revenue since 2019. Odylic Media is a conscious transparency-centric agency made up of a small team to ensure quality client experience. Due to this, Odylic Media has a strict client capacity.

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