Save over 70% on these e-learning bundles and advance your career, hobbies, and more

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Whether you want to advance your career, sharpen a hobby, or just learn something new, you don’t have to go back to college to advance your training. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a few bucks.

In honor of Cyber Monday, you can slash an extra 70% off these 20 e-learning bundles, making most of them around just 10 bucks each. All you have to do to secure the deals is enter code CMSAVE70 at checkout. 

No matter what field you’re in, mastering Microsoft Excel can make you the employee everyone turns to. Save an extra 70% with code CMSAVE70 and master it for just $10.20 ($945 value).

Credit: Excel Maven

Learn to play the guitar for under $9 with this super bundle deal for Cyber Monday. Just enter code CMSAVE70 at checkout and get nine expert-taught courses for just $8.70 ($1,601 value).

Yellow guitar graphic with neon lights

Credit: Dan Dresnok

In 10 courses and over 200 lessons, you can learn the ins and outs of day trading without going back for a business degree. Use the code CMSAVE70 and get this learning bundle for just $15 ($2,000 value).

Graph and chart graphics

Credit: Wealthy Education

Learn Python, Tensorflow, and more AI programs so you can build whatever is inside your head. Take an extra 70% off with the code CMSAVE70 and get this learning bundle for just $10.50 ($799 value).

Orange and blue light graphic of human head in profile

Credit: SuperDataScience

Learn how to trade stocks and invest in your future in this training bundle you can work through at your own pace, since you’ll get lifetime access to each of the courses. Sign up for just $9 ($1,400 value) for a limited time when you use the code CMSAVE70.

Phone screen with chart display

Credit: Wealthy Education

Want to start a business, but have no clue how to operate payroll? Learn what you need to know in just eight courses. Use the code CMSAVE70 at checkout and get started for just $10.50 ($1,592 value).

Calculator with printing paper

Credit: Robert Steele

Learn how to manage any team no matter what industry you’re in. Save an extra 70% on this 2022 updated course load and get lifetime access for just $13.80 ($4,400 value).

Hourglass and calendar motif

Credit: William Stewart

Hacking doesn’t have to be a dangerous game. In fact, it’s an in-demand skill that every business needs. Learn to hack in just a few courses for just $12.90 ($3,284 value) when you use the code CMSAVE70 at checkout.

Wifi graphic over person working on computer in front of complex wires

Credit: IT Security Company

Turn your passion for video games into a career. Learn to develop your own games through this guided course load on sale when you enter code CMSAVE70 at checkout. Pay just $9 ($1,200 value) for a limited time.

Phone screen with video, debugging, and magnifying glass graphics

Credit: Raja Biswas

Learn how to create your own videos at your own pace. Get 1,500 hours of content on photography, video production, YouTube creation, digital marketing, Adobe apps, and more by Phil Ebiner for just $15 ($1,375 value) with the code CMSAVE70.

Video screen playing instructional video about lighting

Credit: Phil Ebiner

Learn Java, Python, and more to get computer science-certified at your own pace. When you enter code CMSAVE70 at checkout you’ll get this all-in-one bundle for just $10.50 ($2,200 value).

Blue computer graphic with alphabet display

Credit: Codestars

Get certified in Python by taking just 10 courses at your own speed. You’ll get lifetime access to the entire bundle for just $9 (normally $2000) when you enter the code CMSAVE70 at checkout.

Coding text on computer screen with phone below playing audio, both mirrored

Credit: Joe Rahl

Make and manage your own websites and learn how they operate from the back end with this 25-course collection. For a limited time, you’ll pay just $10.20 ($2475 value) when you enter the code CMSAVE70.

Sword and shield green graphic design

Credit: ZENVA

You bought the drone, but do you know how to get the video footage of your dreams? In seven courses, you can turn what’s in your head into reality, all for just $12 (normally $1400) when you enter the code CMSAVE70.

Drone flying in the sky with mountains in the background

Credit: Phantom Film School

Sign language is useful in so many ways, and can even make you more creative. Learn fluent American Sign Language from this 2022 updated bundle. Save 70% now and get it for just $9 (normally $29.99) with code CMSAVE70.

People on screen using sign language

Credit: Cudoo

If you’ve been curious about guitar playing, don’t waste another minute. Learn how to play chords and even write your own songs with this master class bundle. Use the code CMSAVE70 at checkout and get started for just $9 (normally $2,388).

Hands playing guitar

Credit: Patrick O’Malley

Get CompTIA-certified by going through nine test simulations. Save over 70% on this deal for a limited time and learn everything you need to know for just $5.70 (normally $174) when you enter the code CMSAVE70.

Screen with exam question

Credit: Exams Digest

If you miss the glory days of HTML MySpace coding, turn your curiosity into a real career after going through this training bundle. When you enter code CMSAVE70 at checkout, you can get it for just $13.50 ($3000 value).

Two people with speech bubbles, one at a desk with a computer and one gesticulating

Credit: Integrity Training

If you’ve always been interested in how your favorite games were created, learn how the back end works and maybe even get yourself a new career in the process. Get access to all five courses for just $10.50 ($875 value) for a limited time when you use the code CMSAVE70 at checkout.

Spaceship graphic with BP logo overlaid


Learn how to write scripts and automate tasks to make your business and day-to-day life more efficient. Enter code CMSAVE70 at checkout to save an extra 70%, knocking the price down to just $6 ($1,200 value).

Computer screen graphic with symbols in clouds surrounding it

Credit: Vijay Saini

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