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Score a new (well, 2019) Fire HD 10 tablet for nearly 50% off

Score a new (well, 2019) Fire HD 10 tablet for nearly 50% off

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Save $94: As of Sept. 28, Amazon’s 2019 Fire HD 10 Tablet (64 GB) is discounted by 49%, bringing the 10-inch tablet to $95.99.

Amazon devices with a near-50% discount outside of Prime Day are always fun to find.

That’s the treatment that the 2019 Fire HD 10 Tablet is currently getting — it’s dropped from $200 to an all-time-low price of $95.99. (That beats its Prime Day price by $5.) Even sweeter: The new Fire HD 10 Tablet, which just came out in June, is nothing special — so opting for the old model isn’t cutting too many corners.

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The 2019 Fire HD 10 doesn’t have a screen as bright or or RAM as speedy as the 2021 model. Amazon had to make upgrades somewhere. But the older HD 10 still has the juice to compete with the new model: They both run an octa-core processor that can handle web browsing and streaming, which are both done on a 1080p full HD screen. If you or your kid need a tablet just for TV, YouTube, or music, the Fire HD 10 is a spacious screen for cheap.


Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet is literally too cool for school

Turning the 2019 Fire HD 10 into landscape mode and propping the kickstand opens the door for hands-free streaming or a makeshift smart speaker with full Alexa capabilities. The tablet can fetch recipes, weather or traffic reports, run Spotify, set a timer, and more at your (voice) command.

Save 49% at Amazon

Credit: amazon

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