Spotter Deploys $600 Million to YouTube Creators

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spotter, the company fueling the creator economy on YouTube, today announced $600 million deployed directly to YouTube creators. In the past 12 months, the company has experienced 322% year over year growth in number of creator deals, propelling creator brands and their businesses to once unimaginable heights. Spotter is just getting started and is on track to deploy a whopping $1 billion – a commitment the Spotter team made to the YouTube creator community in February of 2022. 

Over the past seven months, Spotter has further strengthened its partnership and community efforts with YouTubers by signing new deals and subsequent deals with creators including Airrack, Jordan Matter and Preston. Since receiving funding from Spotter, creators like Jordan Matter have increased their monthly viewership on YouTube by 6x. Creators see the value in a Spotter partnership so quickly that the company has already done multiple deals with YouTubers including MrBeast, Dude Perfect, Like Nastya, and Unspeakable. 

“YouTube is at the forefront of the creator economy. More than any other platform, YouTube provides a channel for creators to build their brand, reach their audience, and grow their business.  Spotter provides YouTube creators with knowledge and capital – empowering them to turn their ideas into reality so their creativity can change the world,” said Aaron DeBevoise, Founder and CEO of Spotter. “I’m thrilled that we have been able to deploy over $600 million in short order, and I’m even more excited to meet our $1 billion commitment.” 

Steadfast in its commitment to the YouTube community, Spotter is leading the way in supporting all creators.  To date, 30% of the $600M has been deployed to a diverse roster of creators from multicultural and diverse backgrounds – Aaron ‘AB’ Brown, Deestroying, Lizzy Capri, and Kinigra Deon are just some of many examples.  Most recently, by partnering with Havas, Spotter is streamlining the path to capital from brands to diverse creators, giving brands the opportunity to impact the growth of select YouTubers directly. 

Spotter is the surefire way for YouTube creators to accelerate their businesses and is on a mission to catapult creative potential with lucrative deals that make YouTube creators unstoppable. With this next installment of $400 million in capital to deploy, the company is committed to funding all types of creators across the YouTube ecosystem who are looking to fuel the growth of their brands and have access to the knowledge that comes with being a part of the Spotter community.

About Spotter

Spotter provides cash to creators to grow or diversify their business while retaining their independence. Dedicated to empowering creators and growing the creator economy, with Spotter, creators receive cash for their catalogs through licensing their existing videos (and/or future video uploads) taking a payout instantly. Creators can then use the funds to fuel their growth through spending, investing, or anyway they choose. The funding is not a loan and Spotter does not take equity, allowing creators to remain 100% independent. Today, Spotter works with creators across YouTube and hopes to expand platforms in the future. In addition to funding, Spotter provides creators with in-depth data insights into the performance of all existing content to further help educate the creator on the value of their library, the value of future uploads and how they can improve performance in the future. With over 1.2 billion subscribers and over 40 billion monthly watch time minutes, Spotter also provides brand-safe content for advertisers. Spotter was named on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list in 2022 and is investing $1 billion into YouTube creators. For more information, please visit


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