Spreading the wing to enter Taiwan's robotics market to catch up with AMR trend

Spreading the wing to enter Taiwan's robotics market to catch up with AMR trend

TAIPEI, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — All major robotic manufacturers invested a lot to keep up with the trend of AMR. In the Automation Taipei exhibition, many players have launched their flagship AMR products that drew people’s attention.

Movel AI, a startup company from Singapore with a team across Asia, which is a robotic navigation software solution provider. The flagship product, Seirios, is a fast-to-deploy robotic navigation software that can be integrated with different payloads. Understanding the challenges and needs for robotics in Taiwan, Movel AI’s solutions will answer these challenges to fasten and increase the robotics adoption in Taiwan.

It only takes a few hours in the morning to complete the installation of Seirios RNS which¬†combines sensor fusion, vision and machine learning & artificial intelligence technologies¬†to deliver human-like precision and movements. Seirios can work on any kind of device as long as it meets the minimum requirements of Movel AI’s hardware specifications.

Movel AI automates robots with modern navigation solutions with sleek UI across industries. Founded in December 2016, Movel AI is backed by 500 Startups, SGInnovate and Enterprise Singapore. Their products are compatible with customers’ robots across different industries ,applications and needs; from AGVs (automated guided vehicles) traversing factory grounds for logistical movements, to inspection robots scanning structural defects within multi-storey buildings.

In less than a year, Movel AI has successfully drawn some robotic manufacturers’ attention. From their point of view, Movel AI will be the best partner to accelerate the adoption of robots in Taiwan.


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