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Srinivas Narayanan, Meta’s VP Engineering, leaves company after 13 years

Srinivas Narayanan, Meta’s VP Engineering, leaves company after 13 years

Thank you Facebook/Meta!” Srinivas Narayanan, VP and AI applied researcher at Meta started, as he announced his resignation via his LinkedIn page.

Interestingly, Narayanan has been with Meta since 2008 and has gained experience from companies such as IBM, Tavant Technologies among others.

He was the founding member of two startups and was part of the database systems research group at IBM Almaden Research Center.

After 13 wonderful years, I recently made a hard decision to leave Facebook/Meta,” Narayanan continued.

After several years of working on database systems research and enterprise software, I came to Facebook in 2008 initially really keen to build consumer products. I was able to do that and many other things that I would have never imagined then. In that process, I also fell in love — much more than I had imagined — with the people, the culture, and the sheer energy and magic of this place.”

Along with the team at Meta, Narayanan worked on research and development in a wide range of areas such as PyTorch, Computer Vision, Natural Language, Speech and Personalisation to push the state of the art in AI to advance Meta products. 

Expressing his gratitude for his time at Meta and the team he worked with, Narayanan wrote:

I’m so grateful for the leadership team of Mark, Schrep, Cox, Sheryl, Javi, Boz, Jay and others for creating such a special place; my colleagues — present and past — for being incredible partners to work with and inspiring me to do better each day; and, for all the people who supported me over the years.”

Narayanan has led several major efforts at Meta, including the creation of the Interest Graph, launch of the Location product, and leading engineering for Photos where he also helped start Meta’s efforts in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. 

What I will cherish the most are memories of working with incredibly smart and compassionate people to build world-changing products, and seeing the people I worked with grow and become fantastic technical/organisational leaders.”

After 13 years, I am reflecting on the work that I am most proud of: advancing AI to improve many of the products and creating many of the AI platform libraries & services that form the backbone of how AI is used today at Facebook, building the Oculus platform and applications to launch the first Oculus GearVR and Rift products, growing the Photos product, building our first location products, and launching usernames.”

None of this work would have been possible without the talent, collaboration, and friendship of the amazing people I worked with on these teams over the years — to all of you, a huge thank you!”

On the next steps, Narayanan stated that he’d be in India from mid-December for a few months spending time with his family and part-time helping/advising startups there. “I’ll think seriously about what to do next after I’m back in the US,” he concluded.

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