Stormboard Launches Guest Pass to Enable Frictionless Collaboration and Simplify User Management

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EDMONTON, AB, March 14, 2023 /CNW/ – Leading data-first collaboration platform provider, Stormboard, announces the launch of their Guest Pass, enabling Customers to invite Guest Contributors to collaborate on specific projects (called “Storms”) without requiring them to have an active Stormboard license.

The Guest Pass, available to Stormboard Enterprise customers, has numerous benefits for user management. Instead of going through an approval process, infrequent users can be invited as Guest Contributors, using a Guest Pass. The Guest Pass allows them to collaborate without occupying a limited license or needing to be disabled once the collaboration is finished. In this way, Stormboard customers can focus on collaboration … and not administration.

Designed for episodic or infrequent users such as external consultants, customers, freelancers, and guest speakers, there is no longer a need to adjust contracts in real-time or to move around current Member licenses to enable collaboration. Administrators can still manage Guest Contributors to ensure data security.

Reg Cheramy, CEO of Stormboard, expressed his excitement about the company’s recent progress towards frictionless, data-based collaboration. “With the removal of the last obstacle, it’s now easier than ever to include new or occasional Contributors without worrying about licenses. Our best customers know that including all stakeholders in a collaboration helps avoid more meetings and makes the ones that are attended more productive.”

Stormboard is a data-first collaboration workflow platform that succeeds at creating new structured and actionable data from normal human collaboration, whether in-person or across distance. Beyond phones, remote meetings, and messaging, the primarily visual focus of the platform (via leading-edge whiteboard capabilities) is to empower data-driven companies to turn their unstructured human interactions into information-rich collaborative workspaces; enabling data-driven decisions and efficient processes while often eliminating the need for meetings entirely.

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