Super Bowl Marketing Expert and Villanova School of Business Professor Charles R. Taylor– What to Expect out of Football's Biggest Night

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VILLANOVA, Pa., Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As brands gear up for the fiercest battle in advertisement during this year’s Super Bowl, going as far to sell out FOX’s ad capacity well in advance of the 2023 megaevent, Charles R. Taylor, PhD, professor of marketing at the Villanova School of Business, is available to discuss breaking news about advertisers ahead of game day.

Additionally, he will be available for interviews during and after the game to analyze the ads, their impact on brands and how the industry capitalized on the event.

Who: Professor Taylor is a nationally known expert on advertising and marketing with a deep knowledge of Super Bowl ads from the past decade. He is the editor of the International Journal of Advertising, and the past president of the American Academy of Advertising. He has also consulted for General Motors and Clear Channel Communications. 

What Professor Taylor forecasts for 2023:

  • While a few advertisers may attempt to stand out with brand activism messages, we will see less emphasis on controversial social messages than in other recent Super Bowls—with a 30 second ad selling for about $7 million this year, expect less risk taking from brands.
  • TikTok will enter the fray this year, and some advertisers would be well advised to link their Super Bowl ads to TikTok content—as the fastest growing social medium in terms of ad revenue advertisers will look to capitalize on the space.
  • Alcohol and gambling will be unusually well represented—with Anheuser Busch/InBev giving up its exclusive rights to beer ads in the Super Bowl, expect “Beer Wars” as other brands return to the ad space.
  • Owing to difficult economic times, many classic brands will spend a considerable amount of emphasis on nostalgia and light themes.
  • Unlike last year, cryptocurrency will not be a significant category in this year’s Super Bowl.

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