SURROGACY.COM LAUNCHES AS A NEW, TRUSTED RESOURCE AND COMMUNITY FOR SURROGATES is a 100% surrogate-centered community designed to educate, guide, onboard, and support surrogates

BOSTON, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, launched as a new destination operated by experienced surrogates to help surrogates and their loved ones navigate every step of the surrogacy process.

“Surrogacy was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It’s a life-changing journey that comes with so many important questions and considerations – many that can best be answered by people who have been through the experience themselves. That’s where comes in. We are a community of experienced surrogates that provide the lived, candid, honest answers and advice that you need to decide if surrogacy is right for you. From helping you pick the right agency to providing ongoing support, we’re here to ensure you feel educated and confident throughout your surrogacy experience,” said Niki Renslow, Surrogate Success Manager for was created to be what many former surrogates have said they wish they had: a community and trusted resource focused wholeheartedly on the best interest of gestational surrogate carriers and their families. It seeks to provide unvarnished, honest insights and a real picture of what the process and experience is from past surrogates. From helping surrogates understand the qualifications one needs to meet, the legal support to which they are entitled, or the intricacies of the IVF process, helps answer the big and small questions, all while celebrating the tremendous impact these mothers are giving to other growing families. connects women considering or starting a surrogacy journey with a community of surrogates who openly share their own real experiences and answer the plethora of questions that arise along the way.

The launch of comes at a time when demand for surrogacy is projected to increase due to a rise in infertility diagnoses, greater public awareness of reproductive options, and more widely available assisted reproductive technology. Given this expected increase in demand for surrogacy, there is a need for a single, trusted resource that is focused solely on educating, supporting, and advocating for surrogates. fills that gap by:

  • Providing potential surrogates and their families with all the answers and information they need as they consider surrogacy, informed by experienced surrogates themselves
  • Guiding people who are embarking on a surrogacy journey through the ins and outs of the application process and helping surrogates match with the right surrogacy agency
  • Creating a community for surrogates, by surrogates that provides one-on-one support, tips, and candid advice through every stage of the surrogacy experience

“Surrogacy changed my life for the better – and I know that’s true for so many others who want to help someone build a family who might not be able to have one on their own. Through, I’m so excited to help others navigate this incredible, challenging, but endlessly rewarding journey,” continued Renslow. is run by a team of experienced surrogates led by Niki Renslow, a former surrogate and three-time egg donor from Virginia, where she lives with her three kids and husband, a local firefighter. is a part of Northstar Fertility, a group of trusted egg donor and surrogacy brands responsible for helping over 11,500 children enter the world. In addition to, Northstar Fertility companies include Circle Surrogacy, Growing Generations, Reproductive Possibilities and Everie.

“At Northstar Fertility, we are always focused on raising the bar for exceptional services and positive outcomes in the fertility field. We intimately understand the complexity of the surrogacy experience and, for nearly three decades, have guided surrogates on successful journeys. We’re excited to deepen that work through and create a community that will provide valuable insight, empathy, and advice to surrogates,” said Steuart Botchford, CEO of Northstar Fertility.

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About is a 100% surrogate-centered resource and community built by surrogates, for surrogates. Equipped with the first-hand knowledge and honesty of experienced surrogates, connects surrogates with the resources and community they need to navigate the surrogacy journey.

About Northstar Fertility

Northstar Fertility is leading transformation in the fertility field. Bringing together highly qualified experts to deliver positive outcomes to surrogates, egg donors, and recipient parents on fertility journeys, Northstar is responsible for helping over 11,500 babies and counting enter the world through egg donation and surrogacy. Northstar believes everyone should have the opportunity to become a parent. Northstar Fertility companies include Circle Surrogacy, Growing Generations, Reproductive Possibilities, and Everie.

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