Sustainability, a Top Priority for Acer

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Sustainability is a top priority for Acer. That’s why they’ve embarked on a number of local and international programs to help reduce the environmental impact of their products and operations.

One of these endeavours is the Green Rewards program. 

Glenn Du Toit, Country Manager for Acer Africa, explains: “The problem of treating the waste of electronic and electrical products is already among the most pressing international environmental protection issues. It’s also a major concern here at Acer, which is why we’re working towards embracing more eco-friendly options. One of the ways we’re doing this is by ensuring the life cycle of our technology is more sustainable through our Green Rewards program”.

Discover the Green Rewards program

The Green Rewards program allows businesses to trade in their old devices in exchange for rewards. Businesses can trade in any branded device on their Acer purchase for a financial a spate transaction, customers can get a quote from Acer Green rewards who will buy the old devices back from an agreed cash value.

This means that businesses can save on their new purchases, while simultaneously being kinder to the planet. The goal is to help keep resources in use for as long as possible by implementing the concept of a circular economy.

Older products are reused, recycled, repurposed, or donated to non-profit organisations. This means that businesses can update their tech, older products can get a new lease on life, and those unable to afford tech products can have access to them.

How it works

Acer receives help from two organisations. Px3 is an independent specialist consultancy providing sustainability assessments to a wide range of customers looking to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of their IT and computing. 

Re-Tek is a multi-award-winning Information Technology Asset Disposition company that supports both public sector enterprises and corporate organisations with end-of-life IT projects.

These companies help Acer decide what to do with the traded-in products. Px3 calculates the carbon footprint of the device to be traded in and compares it against the carbon footprint of the selected new product for purchase.

The difference between these two figures will determine the value of the GREEN reward, which represents the discount received on a new product.

As an additional bonus, certain devices also qualify for a free Windows 11 update.

The process is quick and easy. Simply conduct an instant valuation on old devices, send the old devices to Acer to be re-used, and use the GREEN reward to purchase new products. This process is up to 84% more energy efficient than traditional methods. 

In South Africa, the process can be conducted through accredited Acer partners such as:

For companies that wish to become an accredited Acer partner, the Acer Synergy Partner Portal contains relevant, useful information. Together

A greener future is possible if organisations work. That’s why sustainability programs such as Green Rewards are so important.

Offering businesses opportunities to practice sustainability when it comes to their tech is crucial for a more eco-friendly tech life cycle.

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