Tek Experts Wins IT Support Company of the Year Award


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Leading global provider of specialised technical support services, Tek Experts has emerged as Nigeria’s best IT support company of 2022 at this year’s edition of the Nigerian Business Leadership Awards organised by BusinessDay.

Tek Experts was nominated and clinched the coveted awards for the success of its suite of managed IT and tech staffing solutions, which has contributed immensely to deepening capacity building in digital skills and the overall growth of the IT industry in Nigeria.

Started in 2019 to celebrate influential non-listed companies in the real sector of the Nigerian economy, the Nigeria Business Leadership Award has become a coveted prestigious platform that draws attention to remarkable accomplishments by operators across several industries.

The award, therefore, underscorThe award, therefore, underscores Tek Experts’ contributions to the Nigerian economy through innovative solutions that have shaped the IT industry.es Tek Experts’ contributions to the Nigerian economy through innovative solutions that have shaped the IT industry.

Olugbolahan Olusanya, the Country Manager of Tek Experts, who received the award in the company of Adewale Adeyemi, Tek Experts’ Head of Executive Business Development, and Abolaji Abubakar, Sales Manager, expressed delight at the recognition and promised to sustain the momentum through quality, excellent IT support services delivery.

He said, “We’re excited about this. This is a recognition of the impact we are making in the Tech/IT ecosystem in Nigeria. For us, this is dedicated to the over 2000 employees in Nigeria committed to maintaining our position as global provider of technical talent solutions and trusted partner to some of the world’s largest and most-respected organizations. We also dedicate this to our counterparts in Africa, and everyone on the global scene. Thank you all and thank you BusinessDay.”


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Speaking further, the elated Olusanya said, “Over the past few years, Tek Experts has remained at the forefront of technical talent innovation and this recognition attests to its impact in the ecosystem as well as an acknowledgment that the industry has paid attention. There is a technological evolution that is driving the fourth industrial revolution and what Tek Experts is doing will secure a place for all those willing to play an active part in it.



“We have a lot of confidence in the potential of this market and we do not take for granted the expectations of the market on us. This recognition inspires us to do more and I assure all our stakeholders that we will not drop the ball. We remain committed to discovering and developing technical talents needed to support the growth of the ecosystem and the economy at large.”

With over 2,000 employees in Nigeria alone, Tek Experts has grown to become one of the fastest-growing tech talent solutions companies in the country. Since launching in 2018, the company has made a significant impact in the Nigerian IT industry offering strategic technical support to top players across various industries.

Tek Experts is also reputed for its great work culture which earned it the Jobberman’s award of the “best place to work” recently.

Only a few months ago, Tek Experts made the nomination list of the “The Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year” category alongside global technology giants such as Microsoft, Meta, and Google in the 2022 Gage Awards.

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