TERA SCIENCE counts down its entry into the global environmental waste and new renewable energy market

  • TERA SCIENCE diversifies into eco-friendly business areas following lithium extraction and production business
  • TERA SCIENCE will achieve waste management innovation with 5th generation CDS technology in South Korea’s KRW 23.7 trillion market…
  • Promising national projects must be protected through government efforts to prevent overseas technology leaks from being commercialized…

CHANGWON, South Korea, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TERA SCIENCE Co.,Ltd. is entering the eco-friendly new renewable energy incinerator market in earnest.

CDS (Centrifugal Divided Space) technology is an innovative patented technology that dramatically combusts various wastes and converts them into energy. By developing a regenerative combustion type incinerator without a burner for waste incineration, we are removing carcinogens, odors, pollution, and fine dust generated in the air at industrial sites. 

This technology presents a new paradigm in waste management by minimizing environmental impact and efficiently utilizing system capacity. The 6th generation CDS technology commercialized by Terra Science is receiving global attention through test reports and certificates from various international organizations. Incinerators using this technology are already receiving attention as a new alternative to the waste market, not only in Korea but also overseas. 

A TERA SCIENCE official said, “Following our entry into the lithium extraction and production business based on our existing hydraulic valve business technology, we can expect solid growth by diversifying our business structure into eco-friendly business areas.”

He continued, “Through this transfer of patented technology, we will be developing an eco-friendly technology-based incinerator project that completely incinerates environmental waste such as construction, chemical, medical, and animal waste, which is the most dangerous and causes social problems among wastes, and also obtains new renewable energy such as hydrogen. I was able to advance. 

This eco-friendly technology is expected to contribute to improving TERA SCIENCE’s profitability by revitalizing domestic and overseas sales for small-scale incineration facilities operated by the government and local governments.”

According to the results of a statistical survey on the environmental industry by South Korea’s Ministry of Environment, the sales of the Korean environmental industry have grown approximately five-fold from approximately KRW 21 trillion in 2004 to approximately KRW 101 trillion in 2021.

In particular, according to a report by KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp., the corporate value of the waste disposal industry in South Korea has increased by 280% in the past three years, and the market size is expected to reach KRW 23.7 trillion in 2025 as the growth trend continues.

Meanwhile, TERA SCIENCE sold its subsidiary TERA TECHNOS to POSCO Holdings, the holding company of POSCO, for approximately KRW 47.8 billion last year, and is continuing research and development (R&D) with POSCO. This CDS technology was developed through an R&D project in collaboration with POSCO, effectively solving problems such as exhaust gas purification, energy efficiency, and emission reduction.

TERA SCIENCE is expected to maximize corporate value by advancing into the waste treatment and new renewable energy fields using 6th generation CDS technology. In addition, this innovative technology is expected to further strengthen TERA SCIENCE’s role as a company for a sustainable future.

Voices from Industry experts in South Korea are also growing that calls for measures to be taken at the pan-government level for future-oriented businesses to prevent businesses with a vision for the future from having their patents transferred and commercialized overseas. They say that TERA SCIENCE’s waste-related renewable energy field should also be protected from technology transfer from Korea to overseas.

Efforts should be made to stabilize the business environment so that active governmental measures in the field of eco-friendly renewable energy and support for new technologies do not cause companies to leave Korea.


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