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The 13 best and funniest tweets of the week

The 13 best and funniest tweets of the week

Can you believe it? Another week has passed us by and we’re onto the weekend. What a world. You simply love to see that.

Five days. What a concept.


This ‘exhausted’ kid shoveling snow is the anti-work hero we need

Anyway, we have once again collected the best and funniest tweets of the week. You should read them and laugh and enjoy the weekend. Sounds like fun, right? OK, here they are, the 13 best tweets of the week.

1. Is it? Is this what you wanted, sicko?

2. The Simpsons, as always, did it first

3. This is a joke for like three people, but I am still thinking about the phrase, “feeling like the white Mike Alstott”

4. He really has dated everyone, huh?

5. Feeling like this baby all the time these days

6. Yeah, at least they’re joining the non-academic workforce! It’s brave.

7. This tweet is uncool to me, personally

8. The ideal sinks to be honest

9. I remember seeing hydrolysed vegetable protein at a basement show before they made it

10. I simply will never be able to forget the phrase “tchaikovskussy”

11. This killed me and I will not elaborate further

13. And finally, an obligatory dril tweet

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