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The best gifts for couples: Double-duty gifts they can enjoy together

The best gifts for couples: Double-duty gifts they can enjoy together

There’s a reason “gifts for *insert a specific type of person here*” are commonly searched phrases on Google during the holiday season. As well as you may know someone, drawing a blank on the perfect gift happens to the best of us.

Gifting to a couple is a particularly daunting task, and one that many gift guides don’t cover.

So, when is it acceptable to give a joint gift? Many times, it’s a case of not knowing each partner well enough to give a personal gift, but also knowing that you can’t not get them something. Maybe your cousin married a horrendous guy but you can’t give a gift to only her right in front of him. Sometimes, you need to buy a single gift to disguise that you’re on a budget.


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Hopefully, it’s the best-case scenario: They’re both your best friends, and you’d love to find your favorite duo a gift they can both use together, forever.

A quaint collection of spoons for the wall or a gift card are quick cop outs, but taking the path of least resistance isn’t so heartwarming to those on the receiving end. Instead of going that route, we’re suggesting modern stuff that can improve your favorite couple’s lives on a daily basis: Streaming devices, double-duty kitchen appliances, personalized drinking items, and more. These are items to slow down mornings, to spice up date night, to make keeping track of kids easier, or simply to celebrate finding each other.

Here’s what to get for the Jim and Pam (or whatever TV couple you stan) in your life:

Gifts for people in long-distance relationships

You don’t need to have experienced it to know that not seeing your boo on a regular basis sucks. Minimize the heartache with these gifts specifically geared toward lovebugs doing the distance thing:

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