The best vibrators for absolutely everyone

They say sex sells itself, but vibrators? Not so much. In fact, shopping around for the right option can be really intimidating.

It’s definitely not a task to take lightly — after all, you’re buying something that’ll go inside, around, and on top of all your most intimate bits. You obviously want something that gets the job done, but you also want to make sure it’s a high quality product that’s easy to clean and maintain.

As with any other sex toy, you should do your homework before investing in anything. Step one is deciding which kind of vibrator you actually want: Do you want a rabbit vibrator, classic vibrator, or bullet vibrator? Are wand vibrators up your alley, or do you prefer a device geared toward G-spot stimulation? How much do you care about vibration speeds and patterns? Are couples vibrators in the mix? How about a clitoral vibrator that imitates oral sex? Are you OK with a battery-operated vibrator, or do you want one that comes with a remote control? 

There are a lot of questions to consider, and we’ll try and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

What are the different types of vibrator?

To help you make sense of the world of vibrators, we’ve lined up all the different types of devices you should know about before beginning the purchase process:

Rabbit vibrators — these vibrators offer internal and external pleasure, with the main shaft of the device desgined for internal use whilst the rabbit ears stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

Bullet vibrators — these small and discrete devices are designed for clitoral stimulation and external clitoral contact.

Clitoral vibrators — this type of vibrator focuses solely on the clitoris by simulating the feeling of oral sex.

Wand vibrators — these devices are often larger and more powerful than other types of vibrators, and are designed for external use only.

G-spot vibrators — you guessed it: these vibrators stimulate the G-spot with a curved tip.

Not every type of vibrator will suit everyone’s needs, so it’s worth taking some time to properly consider your options before making any sort of decision.

What should you consider before purchasing a vibrator?

You’re almost ready to start shopping, but there are a few things to keep in mind before taking the plunge. It’s worth thinking about a vibrator’s charging system, power settings, sound level, dimensions/weight, durability, and materials when shopping. We know that’s a lot to consider, but this is an important decision.

It’s better to think about these factors before shopping, so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises after purchase. We’re not asking you to make an exhaustive list of features. Instead, we’re reminding you to think carefully about when you’ll be using your vibrator, what you want from a vibrator, and how your body tends to respond to stimulation.

What is the best vibrator for you?

We know that’s a lot of questions to consider, but the moral of the story is that you’ve got a lot options. We’re not here to tell you which vibrator should be top of your list, or which one you must love or there is something wrong with you. Instead, we’re here to lend a helping hand in the form of six recommendations for different kinds of vibrators, which we’ve selected based on customer reviews found all over the internet. 

Whether you consider yourself a size queen, a bullet buff, or something in between, we hope you’ll find at least one option that trips your figurative trigger when you take it for a solo spin.

These are the best vibrators for 2022.

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