The Jordan Sidoo Scholarship for Student Athletes Gives Back

VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 21, 2022 /CNW/ — The Jordan Sidoo Scholarship for Student-Athletes is available for students who have a love for sports. The scholarship is available for all university students who will be studying while playing a sport for their school. The scholarship is also open for high school students who will be attending a university with a focus on student athletes. The scholarship will be awarded based on an essay competition of fewer than 1000 words answering the question “Describe why participating in athletics is important to you and how being a student-athlete will better help you prepare for the future.” The most deserving student will be rewarded with a total of $1000 for their tuition fee. Eligible students must submit their application no later than January 15, 2023.

Jordan Sidoo has a strong belief that students with a special interest in athletics have all the resources to succeed in their studies as well as sports. Although there are many student athletes out there, not many have been given the right opportunity and support. With the rising cost of education, many talented student athletes give up on their dreams. Jordan understands first-hand how difficult the road ahead can be for student athletes. For that reason, he came up with this scholarship idea for the sake of helping as many student athletes as possible achieve their dreams.

Jordan Sidoo himself was an avid athlete in high school and college. He attended Saint George’s Academy located in Vancouver, where he graduated with honours and attended Cal Berkely in his post-secondary education landing a spot on the Cal Crew rowing team his freshman year. While in high school and college, he participated in a variety of sports such as rowing and soccer. While in college, he found success as a student-athlete as part of the Cal crew rowing team. He would like to help deserving student athletes in America achieve their dreams. He is helping to fulfil that wish by offering a scholarship for a talented student athlete in the United States. He is offering his scholarship to give back to the future generation of athletes. All eligible students are highly advised to apply. Students who are eligible for the scholarship should visit Jordan Sidoo’s official scholarship website for instruction, the application process, and details about the scholarship.


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