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The top GIF of 2021 is an ‘Office’ classic

The top GIF of 2021 is an ‘Office’ classic

GIPHY unveiled its most popular GIFs of 2021, and the winner is – drumroll, please – Bored Stanley!

In a year where many of us were pretty fed up with, well, everything, this iconic Office moment summed up most of our feelings perfectly. Bored Stanley is exactly how it feels when you’re stuck in endless Zoom meetings, or when you’re completely unimpressed with whatever was dropped in the group chat.

Other notable GIFs of the year include “Kathryn Hahn Winking,” “Daphne Bridgerton Laughing,” and “The Weeknd Halftime Performance.” These GIFs captured both pop culture moments and our collective emotions. Struggling to see how you could use these GIFs? Let us provide you with some situational examples:

Texting your mom “Yeah, I’ll totally do the dishes before you get home!”

Gossiping about small town drama while home for the holidays

Trying to explain to your roommate how it feels when they move your stuff without telling you

GIPHY also rolled out Clips this year, the company’s video format that incorporates sound into its looping videos. Top Clips included “Cake Jiggle by Drew Barrymore,” “It Is Your Birthday by The Office,” and “Happy Pride by GLAAD.”

While the addition of sound is fun, there’s nothing like a classic GIF, and Bored Stanley is clearly the GIF(t) that keeps on giving.

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