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The ultimate case for living on Venus

The ultimate case for living on Venus

The human obsession with space travel long predates our frantic search for an escape hatch from a wounded Earth. That’s probably why we still consider deadly hellscapes like Mars colonizable and why the space cowboys of today are setting their dollar-stamped sails for the red planet home of tomorrow. But we’ve all seen The Martian – there’s more our solar system can offer than the potential for potatoes in the toxic soil.

And, boy, do we have just the planet for you and yours – Venus! All you need to imagine a thriving human world (free from billionaires and deadly radiation) on Venus is to look up! In this video, based on our Dear 22nd Century series of open letters to the future, we show you how human life could thrive in cities floating 50 kilometers up in the Venusian atmosphere.

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