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This fancy Le Creuset Dutch oven is on sale for up to 40% off

This fancy Le Creuset Dutch oven is on sale for up to 40% off

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TAKE 40% OFF: If you’ve been wondering how you’re going to make fancy holiday dinners, look no further. The 3.5-qt. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Sauteuse Oven is perfect for cooking up a storm, and it’s on sale as of Dec. 21 for $179.95 — that’s 40% off its regular price of $300. (Amazon says it “may arrive after Christmas,” just FYI.)

You’re not an adult until you have a piece of cast iron cookware sitting in your kitchen. They’re indestructible, get and stay hot hot, and have that coating of seasoning that gives everything you cook in it an extra oomph of flavor. And nobody does it better than Le Creuset, that iconic maker of bright red-orange enameled pots and pans. However, their pieces regularly run you into $300-$500 range (depending on size), which makes them a serious investment. That said, you can normally justify the splurge by thinking about how a new cast iron pan might even outlive you, but the price still stings, so it’s a very nice surprise to find a Le Creuset item on sale.

This Enameled Cast Iron Signature Sauteuse Oven from the brand is quite a popular choice, too. With 4.9/5 stars on Amazon over 979 ratings, it’s clearly a customer favorite. The pan comes ready to use, with no seasoning requirement, is dishwasher-safe, and oven-safe up to 500°F. One of Le Creuset’s selling points is that their cast iron is the lightest by quart among their competitors — so it’s less of an arm workout to cook with their pots and pans, although you should still try and refrain from dropping them on your toes. The weight belies the excellent functionality of enameled cast iron, however, which is known for superior heat distribution and retention, as well as its chip- and stain-resistant coating.

The 3.5 qt. Sauteuse Oven in particular is extremely versatile; its sloping sides and large surface area make it well-suited to any simmering and reduction needs, but you can also sear, sauté, braise, and fry whatever you so choose. The lid is an exact fit designed to circulate steam and heat, ensuring that your food doesn’t get too dry or lose any flavor, while its sloped sides are perfect for stirring and wide base makes browning meats on the stovetop a breeze. You can transfer your meat post-browning straight to the oven for slow-braising/roasting — no pot change necessary,

If you enjoy a good soup, casserole, or simply a one-pot meal, have a look at the Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Sauteuse Oven; it’s a solid (let’s just say that if Kevin had had a cast iron pan in Home Alone, those two robbers would be dead) piece of cookware that will last you years, and will look cute in your kitchen to boot. Even if you eat exclusively microwave meals that only require a fork and a timer for food prep (no judgment here, I’m with you, though I won’t admit it), any Le Creuset item makes a great gift for holiday season or any other occasion. For a limited time, the 3.5-qt. Sauteuse Oven on sale at Amazon for $179.95.

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