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This smart Roomba is only $12 away from its record-low Cyber Monday price

This smart Roomba is only $12 away from its record-low Cyber Monday price

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We last saw the Roomba 670 on sale in March for just under $200.

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SAVE $140.99: The iRobot Roomba 670 is on sale at Walmart for just $189 as of May 26 — that’s 43% off its $329.99 MSRP.

If you missed out on buying the iRobot Roomba 670 when it was on sale for under $200 at Walmart this past March, fret not, because the deals gods are working in your favor: The big box store just dropped it to an even lower price than before.

As of May 26, the smart robot vacuum is on clearance there for only $189 — that’s a whopping 43% off its suggested retail price of $329.99. Not only does that beat March’s offer by $10, but it’s also a mere $12 away from the 670’s all-time-low price on Amazon (where it’s currently sold out); it dipped to $177 there last Cyber Monday.

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We’ll reiterate what we said about the Roomba 670 the last time it was on sale: It’s not every day you find robot vacuum with this many bells and whistles listed for less than $200. It’s powered by a patented 3-Stage Cleaning System, which features dual multi-surface brushes for a deep clean and an auto-adjusting head that adapts to both carpet and hard floors. Especially grody spots (i.e., high-traffic areas) will be flagged by its Dirt Detect sensors and given some extra attention, while another set of sensors help it intelligently navigate around objects and under furniture.

Forgot to schedule a cleaning? You can control the 670 on the go using the iRobot Home smartphone app or tell your smart assistant to get it up and running. (Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible.) It’ll run for a solid 90 minutes before docking and charging itself, then getting back on its merry way to finish the job.

This smart Roomba is only $12 away from its record-low Cyber Monday price

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