New plan offering puts the power in the hands of the brands, agencies, and record labels looking to reach new audiences through short form social video.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trendpop, a Collab.Inc SaaS data and insights platform for short form social video marketing, has launched a self-service subscription offering to meet the needs of brand marketers, influencer marketing agencies, and record labels to understand and take action around what makes a video viral. The announcement was made today by Trendpop’s CEO, Yoav Zimmerman and CTO Jonathan (Yoni) Ben-tzur.

Trendpop, a viral video insights platform, has launched a self-service subscription

Trendpop is disrupting the social video marketing landscape by unlocking the secrets of what it takes to go viral on short-form social video platforms. To date, the platform has been available on a private invite only basis. This new platform offering opens up access to all, reducing or eliminating the manual workflow required to obtain a deep understanding of which videos, sounds, creators and hashtags are about to become the next big trend.

Marketers can sign up today at to use Trendpop to identify viral trends and emerging creators in real-time, pinpoint key signals that contributed to their success, and predict what will fuel future growth. Marketers can then leverage these insights to run more effective influencer marketing campaigns or create better original content, and creators can plan their next viral video.

The self-serve subscription offering enables anyone to access the freshest data as Trendpop monitors millions of social video posts per day, having analyzed over 2 billion data points to date. The Trendpop database currently contains over 170 million creators, 90 million sounds, 40 million hashtags, and over 2 billion videos – with 3-4 million new videos being added to the platform everyday. Data is constantly processed and aggregated in near real-time to provide statistics as fast as possible, allowing Trendpop to discover trends as they are starting out, with many getting identified at as few as 50 videos posted. Trendpop’s AI systems help identify both viral and up-and-coming trends on TikTok to continuously monitor so that you can see the breakdown of a trend as it’s happening.

“In a social media world shifting to vertical video and algorithmic feeds, it is vitally important to adapt to survive,” said Zimmerman. “Our mission is to help creators and brands authentically grow their audience in this new landscape, and with our new self-serve offering, anyone can take advantage of the Trendpop platform.”

“With the launch of self-serve, we’re thrilled that Trendpop is more accessible than ever before to the brands and marketers working within the Creator Economy. Trendpop continues to solidify its status as a must-have tool for any company that needs to keep pace with the culture on TikTok,” said Collab Co-CEO Tyler McFadden.

While Trendpop is currently focused on TikTok, the company is taking a huge bet on short-form social video in general. The future of Trendpop envisions an all-in-one platform which allows digital marketers to win not only on TikTok, but on other emerging short-form social video platforms as well – most notably Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts – making Trendpop the ultimate marketing tool for influencer marketing.

Marketers can sign up for a 7-day free self-service trial before purchasing a subscription at

About Trendpop

Trendpop was co-founded by Yoav Zimmerman (CEO) and Jonathan (Yoni) Ben-tzur (CTO) in August 2020. During its inception, Zimmerman and Ben-tzur wanted to build a platform that helps virtually anyone go viral. Zimmerman and Ben-tzur raised money from YCombinator (W21) to build Trendpop and grew to profitability in 12 short months. In January 2022, Trendpop was acquired by Collab, a veteran company in the digital creator space and an official TikTok creative and marketing partner. Today, Trendpop powers the TikTok marketing programs of major record labels in North America and is quickly expanding to new markets in the film, television, beauty, and DTC eCommerce industry. Trendpop is currently used by leading marketing and A&R professionals in the music industry (both indie and major) to help their artists go viral on TikTok and hundreds of brands and creators who consistently win on social video.

About Collab:

Collab is the leading creator technology company driving the creator economy and short form video. Working with the biggest names and fastest rising social media creators, Collab generates 35 billion views every month across digital platforms including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Collab’s proprietary technologies increase creator earnings, grow creator audiences, deliver exclusive TikTok campaign tools for brands, and protect and monetize digital content. As of Q3 2021, Collab has paid its network of creators and rights holder partners more than $200 million..

Collab represents 1000+ creators with a combined 2.4 billion total followers, and has one of the largest UGC (user generated content) libraries in the world. As an official TikTok Marketing and Creative partner, Collab provides brands with unique strategic advantages on the platform. Combining custom technology, campaign expertise, and talent relationships, the company has become the number one creator network on TikTok and a top ten provider of content on YouTube.

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