UK reveals AI Safety Summit opening day agenda

The UK Government has unveiled plans for the inaugural global AI Safety Summit, scheduled to take place at the historic Bletchley Park.

The summit will bring together digital ministers, AI companies, civil society representatives, and independent experts for crucial discussions. The primary focus is on frontier AI, the most advanced generation of AI models, which – if not developed responsibly – could pose significant risks.

The event aims to explore both the potential dangers emerging from rapid advances in AI and the transformative opportunities the technology presents, especially in education and international research collaborations.

Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan will lead the summit and articulate the government’s position that safety and security must be central to AI advancements. The event will feature parallel sessions in the first half of the day, delving into understanding frontier AI risks.

Other topics that will be covered during the AI Safety Summit include threats to national security, potential election disruption, erosion of social trust, and exacerbation of global inequalities.

The latter part of the day will focus on roundtable discussions aimed at enhancing frontier AI safety responsibly. Delegates will explore defining risk thresholds, effective safety assessments, and robust governance mechanisms to enable the safe scaling of frontier AI by developers.

International collaboration will be a key theme, emphasising the need for policymakers, scientists, and researchers to work together in managing risks and harnessing AI’s potential for global economic and social benefits.

The summit will conclude with a panel discussion on the transformative opportunities of AI for the public good, specifically in revolutionising education. Donelan will provide closing remarks and underline the importance of global collaboration in adopting AI safely.

This event aims to mark a positive step towards fostering international cooperation in the responsible development and deployment of AI technology. By convening global experts and policymakers, the UK Government wants to lead the conversation on creating a safe and positive future with AI.

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