VAB Solutions Helps SMEs in Nigeria to Digitize through Innovative Solutions

In a digitizing world, there is a need for businesses to get up-to-date with the digital trends and while on it also protect their information technology (IT) infrastructure with robust cyber security solutions that will no deep a huge hole in their pocket. 

Looking at the cost-effective IT solutions for businesses locally, especially those in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), VAB Solutions Limited, an indigenous IT firm located in Victoria Island, Lagos is bringing to the market robust IT and cyber security solutions that is tailor-made for Nigerian firms.

A move the company said that will deepen their business productivity and continuity.

Speaking to the media, Voke Benjamin Agadagba, the Managing Consultant of VAB Solutions Limited said that “VAB Solutions started operation January 2018 however the company was incorporated September 2017, We like to think of ourselves as an information technology ( IT ) Advisor, meaning we believe our customers ought to understand the core value of IT and appreciate the return on investment (ROI) in any solution that will ease their paint point before getting into any agreement, VAB Solutions derives the acronyms VAB from Values Added Business, our core areas of interest is IT infrastructure and IT Security, we are not a jack of all trade organization but we like to harness the knowledge so as to advise our customers and potential customer the benefits from an end to end solution of their pain points”

On their relationship and the way, they deploy solutions to clients, Voke said “First, we like to understand the situation, so we can give the best advice, secondly, we then render solutions that will embed the customer’s systems for a long time.

“We are indeed in business to make money but paramount that is to have a have customer call us and gives us a thumbs up. This a lot shows the value and not the money. I believe the keyword here is value, Many companies sell security solution, but the question is how long does it take for the customer to realize that the tool you have provided lacks some features or doesn’t the work as expected, in lieu of the above we only partner with OEM’s that have long lasting credibility in the market and solutions that cater not just for the customer but with their solution they can solve the customers issues not for 2, 4, 5years, NO, but a solutions that embeds itself with the customer.”

On deploying specifically to the SME sector, the company made it known that IT solutions shouldn’t be viewed from the prism of being too pricey or expensive. They have specific solutions for the SMEs, Voke added that “we sell security solutions for the Enterprise Market and Small medium organizations, we also factor the organization budget in offering their security needs, being an organization that prefer to render value, we have strong relationships with our vendors and preach the needs to factor all organization in our sales circle. So, we do not have a particular market we are focused in, we can work with the small firms and big conglomerates.”

On ways to prevent data breach, Voke advised firms on what to do. Hear him, “Data Breach can be prevented by taking certain security measures which includes but is not limited to; Ensuring the security application software(s) are running and are up to date. Using multifactor authentication where necessary.  Also, the need to have updated system is critical, as criminals and hacks get more sophisticated the need to have updated system is important.”

Established in 2017, with a team of experts with vast knowledge across the different IT domains, from their small but resolute beginning, VAB Solutions Limited has made major inroads into the IT market, capturing key area of products and services, and established a track record of success in delivering high quality products and services VAB Solutions has proven its ability to deliver timely, cost-effective solutions for small owner managed business to multi-national companies.

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