Vanpowers Bike Strengthens City Vanture's Frame Alignment Tolerance to Less Than 1mm

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Electric bike company Vanpowers Bike successfully created an e-bike with an entire frame alignment tolerance of less than 1mm, City Vanture, almost reaching the racing bike standard (0.2mm). The City Vanture’s assembled frame allows the frame to be perfectly aligned to perform well and extremely quiet and balanced while riding.

Most of the brazed one-piece frames on the market are often produced according to the alignment tolerance of 7mm. But sometimes, a misalignment frame will cause significant problems when riding. The frame misalignment will make the bike deviate to one side if riders let go of the hand for drinking and cannot ride in a straight line. What’s worse, it may cause serious riding accidents. This is also why creaking and clicking appear while cycling.

But an e-bike with frame alignment will help the joint force move forward and have a more stable and smoother riding experience. Vanpowers Bike starts a crowdfunding campaign for City Vanture. Buyers can get the best prices for City Vanture at this event.

What’s more, the frame made by high-temperature brazing will have stress. Stress refers to the internal force that interacts between the various parts of the frame when the frame is deformed due to high temperature brazing and to resist the deformation. In this case, T4 heat treatment is often required to eliminate the stress. During the T4 heat treatment, 300 frames were sent to a large oven and heated to nearly 500 degrees Celsius until the aluminum tube became soft and then placed on the frame table. The worker will judge the deformation by eyes and hands and manually adjust it with a hammer. If the frame is still not aligned, T4 is repeated until it succeeds. After successfully aligning the frame, it will be sent to T6 heat treatment. T6 aims to harden and thus strengthen the aluminum alloy.

In fact, more than 3 times of the T4 heat treatment will make the brazing joint very fragile and easily break when riding, resulting in serious safety risks. Even so, a brand with bad faith does not want to generate too many scrap rates and continues to use T4 heat treatment until the frame is successfully aligned. Such frames with potential safety problems will cause damage to e-bikes and affect the functions (such as the motor), which will increase the riding risk, yet some brands still put them into the market. The high scrap rate thus becomes the cost of the bike.

However, a brand with good faith will pay a high scrap rate to create a quality bike with an excellent riding experience at a reasonable price.

This is how City Vanture solves the problem of frame misalignment with its assembled structure. The assembled frame does not need to be manually aligned repeatedly because there is no deformation caused by brazing and T4 heat treatment, so that the frame alignment tolerance is perfectly less than 1mm, which has reached the level of high-end e-bikes. Assembled frame solves the quality problem of the frame caused by mechanized mass production. The straight frame helps the City Vanture ride faster with less resistance while also helping to save power and be more efficient. Even riding with both hands open is perfectly balanced.

Every City Vanture has a strict quality inspection. In addition to ensuring the alignment of the frame, workers will pre-assemble and test ride each City Vanture for quality inspection before leaving the factory. After passing the inspection, workers will take a photo of the assembled City Vanture as a guarantee. Each City Vanture has a unique frame number for identification, which can be matched to the photo. The frame number is stamped on the metal under the bottom bracket. Buyers can see the factory photo at the top when they open the package.

If buyers want to measure frame alignment at home, try Sheldonbrown’s method. All it needs is a string and a ruler. This is a bit slower than a purpose-built gauge, but it works well when carefully measured.

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