Varla Scooter Calls For Going Green On World Car Free Day

As Varla calls for going green on the world car free day, we expect a vast majority to agree with its stance. Let us leave behind a green future for the generations to come!

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The world has noticed a massive surge in fuel prices. Electric scooters came as knights in shining armor for everyone willing to reduce their carbon footprints. Unlike the average car that emits 650 grams of CO₂ per km, the emissions of a personal escooter traveling the same distance are roughly 65 grams. Opting for brands like Varla helps users to rest assured that they are investing in a reliable product, which is equipped with 1000W dual motors and it’s able to reach up to 40 miles of long-distance riding after the battery is full power.

According to a report, electric two-wheelers would make up 8% of all two-wheelers on the road by 2023. Currently, this number stands at 2.5%. “The growing trend of e-scooters is due to people’s increasing concerns about fossil fuels and the increasing accidents.”

In light of these developments, reputable electrical scooter companies, particularly Varla have escalated their move towards a green environment. This enables them to garner the public interest and compel the prospects to convert. An escooter owner in LA, Olivia Rushforth age 27, recently said in an interview: “I am glad to invest my hard-earned cash in this scooter. It was a life-changing decision as my commute has become far easier. Plus, I ride my scooter around without fretting over the impact it will leave on the environment!”

Opting for electric scooter for adults like Varla Eagle One could offer users a good bang for their buck. Environmental experts worldwide have constantly advised their audience to revert to electric scooters. The technical specifications of these scooters and their minimal carbon footprint are the primary reasons behind this recommendation. As per App Inventiv, the escooter and motorcycle market will have $13 864 million by 2025.

The perks of motorized scooter and the growing detrimental impact of fossil fuels are notable nowadays. It makes sense that companies like Varla request to go green on a world car free day. This will be a massive transition, and when people across the globe celebrate a car-free day, they will feel the positivity it brings around them and will be all set to change.

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