Verified.Africa Lands in Ghana, South Africa and Kenya with ID Verification Services

Africa’s burgeoning digital identity startup Verified.Africa has launched in Ghana, South Africa and Kenya with its verification services now available to businesses and individuals in these countries.

With initial operations in Nigeria since 2021, is making good on its roadmap to achieve digital inclusion for all on the continent.

Since its inception, Verified Africa has recorded over 300 thousand digital identity verifications from a thousand plus businesses – enabling startups, banks and SMEs to confirm the true identity of people safely.

As Frank Atube pointed out in the company’s blog release, “Ghana, South Africa and Kenya represent key markets for Verified’s roadmap into continental dominance and with this launch, we’re thrilled to open our doors to businesses and individuals in three more countries – bringing the best of digital verification to your shores.”

The digital identity industry has never been more important to online security and customer trust. KYC (Know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) protocols have become stricter with governments looking to secure economic growth and eliminate loss from fraudulent transactions. through the use of machine learning & facial recognition technologies, facilitates this process for both businesses and individuals by helping them eliminate fraud, onboard online customers faster, and meet KYC compliance in minutes.

With this expansion, businesses in Ghana, South Africa and Kenya can now enjoy these benefits as they easily verify IDs in real-time anywhere in Africa using any of’s services.

From National IDs to Business Certificates to Tax IDs, connects to multiple databases of identity records across the continent to enable you to confirm that people are exactly who they say they are.

The company plans to expand its footprint to other African countries over the next 18 months, becoming the most widely used verification platform on the continent.

Verified.Africa, a product of SEAMFIX

To get started with, you can sign up on their portal at

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