Video Collaboration Monitoring and Management Leader VisibilityOne releases version 2.0

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VisibilityOne Now Provides New Powerful Updates to Key Video Conferencing Monitoring Features and More With the Release of Version 2.0! VisibilityOne is the IT Service Industry’s only real-time advanced diagnostic and monitoring solution that provides AI-driven fault resolution for conferencing technologies like MS Teams, Zoom, Crestron, Poly, Logitech, Cisco, and more. Our offering gives our partners and customers an incredible level of new technical insights in a simple intuitive dashboard.

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — VisibilityOne Introduces IoT AV Port Monitoring along side other key features with it’s release of version 2.0.

Our new IoT capabilities go beyond the typical Up/Down status of most platforms, VisibilityOne allows for monitoring of a device’s web interface, custom ports, protocols, and device availability. Monitoring of custom ports is especially critical in AV UCC environments, and with VisibilityOne’s IoT expansion, you will know if signaling fails on any port you wish to monitor. The IoT Quadrant provides these features and live health status of your IoT devices in real-time.

VisibilityOne 2.0 organizes these devices by room and/or a designated space.

We have streamlined onboarding of IoT devices so you can quickly and easily add devices. Once IoT devices are added, you will start receiving alerts and notifications when a monitored service is impacted.

New Powerful Updates to Key Network Monitoring Features

VisibilityOne has streamlined its call performance dashboard views for video codec rooms. The new update introduces a granular network performance view, allowing users to view the Live Mbps, Jitter, Packet Loss, and Latency RX and TX. With one click, users can further drill down into the details of each value as it relates to Video, Audio, and Content Sharing.

New Quiet Install for Mass Deployment of VisibilityOne Plug-In:

VisibilityOne’s new Quiet installation offer lets you define the options for installing the Zoom or MTR monitoring plug-ins: You’ll have the capability to run the installation process from the command line without interactive input. This method is useful for performing a mass deployment of VisibilityOne plug-ins with the installation switch /quiet available with the product installer. The file contains comprehensive instructions on how to modify and use it, enabling an easy deployment path for IT service teams.

New Audio & Hybrid Quadrant update: Poly Trio with Visual + monitoring now available:

VisibilityOne has added additional monitoring features to capture the device status when combining a camera enabled Poly Visual +, and a Poly Trio. Status of the hybrid systems will be available within the VisibilityOne Audio & Hybrid quadrant.

About VisibilityOne’s Collaboration Management and Monitoring Solution:

VisibilityOne provides high availability by reducing downtime, improve SLAs, with proactive alerting and Self-healing of common UC collaboration faults.

VisibilityOne is revolutionizing video collaboration management, ITCM. All relevant systems in the room and in the path of the network communications are monitored, essentially providing a comprehensive IoT and UC monitoring platform.

It Is the only real-time advanced platform offering giving our partners and customers an incredible level of new technical insights in a simple intuitive dashboard.

Currently, there are no consolidated vendor agnostic tools in the market to monitor live video calls for both conference room equipment like Poly, HP, Cisco, Logitech or Crestron, video conferencing applications like MS Teams, Zoom, connected IoT, AV devices and desktop remote users. This creates a huge gap for IT support teams. Finally, an IT Collaboration Management tool exists to help consolidate these technologies on one UI, resulting in driving down the cost and time of IT Service Management.

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