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Want to upgrade your home security? Amazon just put more than 20 Blink cameras and doorbells on sale.

Want to upgrade your home security? Amazon just put more than 20 Blink cameras and doorbells on sale.

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

We’ve gathered up all the Blink security cameras and video doorbells that went on sale at Amazon as of Nov. 19. Check out our top picks below.

Home security is obviously something you want to invest in. But with outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, and video doorbells to buy, getting a safe system that you feel like you can trust can get real pricey real quick.

That’s why Black Friday sales can be the time to score some savings, and oh dear reader, do we have some savings for you. Blink dropped their prices on a bunch of outdoor and indoor cam kits, as well as their video doorbells. With such steep discounts, you might just blink and miss these deals, so act quick if you’re interested.

Note: A siren emoji indicates record-low prices on Amazon (you’re about to see a lot of siren emojis).

Blink outdoor camera deals

Credit: Blink

Why we like it

In this bundle, you’ll get three cameras, so you can surveil multiple areas at once, whether that be your front door, side yard, or backyard. They can withstand the elements, last for two years before a battery replacement, and can be installed in minutes. Get alerts on your phone or through the Echo Show 5 it comes with.

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Blink indoor camera deals

three mini indoor cameras

Credit: Blink

Why we like it

Yes, you can monitor the inside of your home in crisp 1080p quality without having to figure out how to disguise a camera. These Blink minis are only two inches long, 1.9 inches wide, and 1.4 inches tall, but they still have a 110 degree field of view, so you’ll be able to see plenty of whatever room you put them in. You can monitor the live feed and use the two-way audio features with the Blink app. Or if you prefer, use your Alexa-enabled device to control your camera with the sound of your voice.

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Blink video doorbells deals

blink doorbell with sync module 2

Credit: Blink

Why we like it

The Blink video doorbell dropped just last month and now it’s nearly 30% off. Like the outdoor cameras, you’ll get up to two years of battery life with this doorbell, but you have the option of going wire-free or connecting to your existing doorbell wiring. Just by looking at the Blink app on your phone, you can see who’s at the door day or night (even if you’re not home), and enable two-way audio, in case you need to chat with your visitor.

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