What’s wrong with those women who bashed the injured bicyclist? Roadshow

Q: I was stunned by the response of three women to Zelek Herman, the bicyclist who was hit by a motorist who was using her cell phone while waiting at a red light then darted into the intersection when it turned green.

Ann Davis, Sunnyvale

A: Many others felt the bicyclist should have not entered the intersection, even though he had a green light. It turned red before he cleared the street.

Q: I encourage them to get out of their cars and try to walk or bike to places. They will soon learn they are wearing a cloak of invisibility.  Last week I was bicycling at San Tomas Expressway and El Camino Real, and a car turning right on red blocked my path when I had a green light. By the time I recovered I was in the middle of the intersection and the light had turned red. Cars were starting to go, and I screamed. Drivers were honking at me thinking I was trying to zip through the intersection when the light was red.

Put down your phone and look for people biking and walking.

Ann Davis

A: Not using your cell phone while waiting at a red light is the law for good reason. It could keep someone from getting injured, and it could save a life.

Q: These drivers are clearly ignorant. I’m not sure how else to put it. Driving 101 teaches you to not blindly dart off the line when the light turns green. One should always make sure it’s clear to proceed.

David J.

A: So true. Zelek suffered extensive injuries and was on medical leave for six weeks.

Q: Distracted drivers at intersections can be a big problem. They need to back way off around cyclists. We’re not hurting you. Drivers are the ones with 800HP, 7-speaker Dolby audio, a heated seat and 14 air bags, so relax. You only live once.

C. Woodmansee

A: And …

Q: The women are completely wrong and I hope they will stop driving until they become familiar with the laws. Gary alluded to the facts of the laws, but being the genteel Midwesterner that he is, was less direct that is optimal.

David D.

A. It’s called Midwest nice.

Q: While I was walking across a driveway, a woman was driving slowly to exit a shopping center while she was on a cell phone.  She would have hit me if I hadn’t jumped out of the way. Any distraction while driving is dangerous, including hands-free cell phone discussions and looking at your cell phone screen while stopped at an intersection.

Manny Barron, North Fork

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