Winter weather alert? Prep your car with this magnetic windshield cover on sale.

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: The iceScreen Classic Magnetic Windshield Cover with Mirror Mitts is on sale for $39.99 as of Feb. 11 — that’s 11% off from its regular price of $44.

Snow has already blanketed many parts of the U.S. so far this winter — and we’re just getting to the good part now. There are plenty of winter weather alerts sure to come, and when they do, it’ll be much more enjoyable with the iceScreen Classic Magnetic Windshield Cover and Mirror Mitts.

The iceScreen is made of military-grade, double waterproof, reinforced oxford polyester and is designed to fit snugly over your car’s windshield. It’s approximately 43 inches by 63 inches and should fit most vehicles — from small city cars to pickup trucks. The screen secures to your car with flaps that close inside the car doors and magnets that keep it in place. When the snow or ice comes barreling in, the iceScreen keeps it off of your windshield. It’s built to save you the time and energy you usually spend scraping the ice off your car after a storm.

This handy screen is also equipped with storm straps to keep it from flying off in heavy winds and blizzards. But a word of caution: you’ll need more than one set of hands to put this bad boy up on a windy day.

Along with the iceScreen, this deal comes with a set of mirror mitts, which are exactly what you’d expect: mittens for your mirrors. They’re built for any sized vehicle and just slip on like a pair of mittens. When it’s time to hop in the car and drive after a blizzard or ice storm, they slip right off and promise ice-free side mirrors in seconds. No need for scraping or stressing. The fabric is also water-resistant and machine-washable.

Before another winter weather advisory causes chaos once again, be sure to prep your car with the convenience of an iceScreen and Mirror Mitts — on sale for just $39.99 for a limited time. Usually $44, you’ll save 11%.

Prices subject to change.

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