Zomato Gold is now Zomato Pro

Earlier today, Zomato launched an initiative to rechristen Zomato Gold to Zomato Pro — and make it a bigger, better all-encompassing membership that unlocks amazing privileges and discounts at the best restaurants across dining out and delivery. This is in addition to some never-seen-before exclusive privileges on the Zomato app and a unique money-back guarantee for all Pro members.

All Zomato Gold members across 10 countries will automatically get upgraded to Zomato Pro starting 1st August, 2020.

Zomato Pro members will continue to enjoy existing offers (on Zomato Gold) across a wide selection of restaurants — from fine dining hotspots to legendary restaurants, cafes, bars as well as quick-service restaurants.

Zomato Gold is now Zomato Pro
Image By Zomato

Zomato Pro has been thoughtfully designed to be much more friendly for a much wider variety of restaurant businesses – so you can look forward to seeing a lot more restaurants and bars welcoming Zomato Pro members to their establishments. They have signed up ~50% more partner restaurants on Zomato Pro than what we had on Zomato Gold – across dining out and delivery.

The restaurant industry is struggling during the COVID-19 crisis, and we hope that Zomato Pro can be one of the most important levers to drive growth, and help restaurant businesses cover up the losses incurred in the last few months.

Pro members in India get a massive upgrade to their food delivery experience. They will get access to exclusive delivery offers, which will now be over and above any deals available to other Zomato usersPro members will also get priority delivery on Zomato. This means that any order placed by a Pro member will jump to the front of the real-time queue when we look for a Zomato Valet to deliver your order. This will lead to your orders getting delivered 15-20% faster (on an average) than what you experience right now during peak dinner times.

And to top it all, Zomato Pro will come packed with a novel money-back guarantee — if you don’t save 2x the subscription fee of Zomato Pro within the subscription period, they will auto-refund your subscription fee at the end of the year, no questions asked! This money back guarantee will be applicable to all Zomato Pro/Gold memberships bought or renewed today onwards.

Zomato Gold is now Zomato Pro
Image By Zomato

Each member will get access to all the extra perks at no additional cost. Gold members are now the part of Zomato Pro family which offers even more benefits.

Gaurav Gupta| June 30, 2020 | 2 min read

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