Aderis Energy provides Inrush Mitigation Interconnection Solution for Renewable Projects in Versant Territory

CORNELIUS, N.C., Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Aderis Energy, at the forefront of energy innovation, is poised to revolutionize Maine’s power distribution landscape with its groundbreaking technology, ClearSky PLUS Patented USPN 11,831,271. This cutting-edge patented solution not only promises heightened efficiency and reliability but also introduces pioneering inrush mitigation (also referred to as RVC or “Rapid Voltage Change” mitigation) capabilities. Its recent implementation in the Versant Territory of Northern and Eastern Maine, serving a population of 160,000 residents, highlights Aderis Energy’s commitment to innovation.

Aderis Energy’s ClearSky products are designed to cater to utility needs for grid resiliency, and this milestone with the ClearSky Plus ushers in expanded opportunities for its Inrush Mitigation technology. Inrush current, often encountered during system startups and power outages, presents challenges for power quality on the grid. The sudden influx of current can lead to voltage drops, equipment damage, and service disruptions. Aderis Energy’s inrush technology ensures a seamless transition into the power supply, effectively shielding the grid from power quality issues.

As the demand for renewable energy continues its upward trajectory, Aderis Energy’s innovative solution offers a sustainable and future-proof strategy to meet the evolving requirements of both utilities, and customers across the nation. ClearSky PLUS stands as a testament to Aderis Energy’s unwavering commitment to innovation.

Following a rigorous testing and evaluation process, Aderis’ ClearSky PLUS has been implemented in Versant territory in Maine as a solution to enhance its power distribution infrastructure.

In this era of transformative power distribution, Aderis Energy stands at the forefront of innovation, consistently expanding its horizons with progressive ideas and embracing evolving utility standards. With a remarkable capacity to seamlessly align with these standards, Aderis Energy guarantees unmatched compatibility, unwavering safety, and unparalleled reliability for all forms of interconnection.

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