Advanced Cell Engineering Announces The Commercialization of A-LFP Cathode Material

STUART, Fla., Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Cell Engineering Inc. (ACE) is a leading Technology Innovation Company that develops High Energy SafeĀ A-LFP Battery Chemistry, Materials, and Cell Designs.

Advanced Cell Engineering Announces The Commercialization of A-LFP Cathode Material.

ACE is pleased to announce the commercial launch of its A-LFP Cathode Material

Effective immediately, Companies that use LFP and would like to dramatically improve the performance of their LFP battery cells may purchase a Technology License which enables them to use ACE’s Innovative Battery Materials.

A-LFP Cathode Material

ACE’s A-LFP Cathode Material is a high-performance cathode active material (CAM) that significantly improves the battery’s energy density, cycle life, and safety profile.

ACE designed A-LFP Cathode Material for:

  • Mass Production
  • Manufacturing using industry-standard equipment
  • Readily available raw materials
  • Highly scalable manufacturing process

Prospective customers are encouraged to evaluate A-LFP Cathode Material’s performance by obtaining samples from the company and may contact for further information.

About Advanced Cell Engineering:

Advanced Cell Engineering is a leading Technology Innovator that develops and licenses a portfolio of Safe, High Energy Density A-LFP Battery Technologies for the electric vehicle (EV), grid and life science industries. The higher energy density of ACE’s A-LFP Chemistry and cell improvement Material Technologies will transform the LFP battery industry by offering customers the ability to produce LFP batteries that significantly improve the EV application. EV improvements include enhanced safety, longer driving range, and lower EV costs. ACE’s team leverages unparalleled experience in developing and commercializing innovative battery technologies. For more information visit:

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