Aerospace Devices Inc. Introduces the SkyDock Pro, first Single and Dual 100-Watt USB-C Ports for Inflight Device Charging

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The new SkyDock Pro 100 Watt USB-C charging devices offer superior charging and power efficiency for charging personal electronics on the flight deck, main cabin, and galley.

Our personal device charging technology started with our SmartDock USB A and SkyDock FJ USB A charging ports (installed on the new Falcon Jet 6X). Aerospace Devices Inc. has added the SkyDock Pro Single & Dual 100-watt USB-C charging ports to our portfolio of inflight USB A & C charging devices for general aviation aircraft. The SkyDock Pro Single and Dual USB C 100-watt chargers deliver more power than competing products while achieving best-in-class DO160G testing and passing the spilled liquids and touch temperature tests. Visit our website for DO160G sectional testing.

The SkyDock Pro 100-watt USB C charger supplies Output Voltage Ranges 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 20V / 5A for laptops, smartphones, tablets, electronic flight bags (EFBs), and headphones. The SkyDock Pro USB C offers intelligent, device-driven communication that efficiently supplies each device the right amount of power and will determine a USB C cable’s power rating.

SkyDock Pro USB C 100 Watt meets the new European USB C 100-Watt Personal Device Charging requirements and regulations.

In May of 2022, the EU announced a mandate that required all new portable devices utilize a standard charger by 2024 via USB C. As Europe will be the first to enforce the law, it could have implications worldwide as companies prefer to streamline products to minimize production costs. Now the US Senate and Congress are encouraging the Department of Commerce to enact the same requirements. With the increasing dependance on mobile devices in the flight deck, the SkyDock Pro USB C 100 Watt Single and Dual charging ports leading the future as many aircraft are moving away from the 110 AC universal outlets.

About Aerospace Devices Inc.

Aerospace Devices Inc. is based in Irvine, CA. We specialize in designing and manufacturing the highest quality, most advanced, and reliable USB charging devices for the aerospace, defense, marine, and rail industries. Our SkyDock USB devices were the first of their class and remain the highest quality and most reliable USB charging devices on the market. Visit our website or give us a call at (949) 795-2889 to learn more about our products.

Media Contact: Robert Pecanic (949) 795-2889

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