AHvos Introduces Next-Generation Private AI Solutions in Partnership with Trinsic Technologies

AHvos does not run on a large language model, outperforms traditional AIs

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AHvos, an innovator in enterprise-level, highly scalable AI solutions tailorable for data-heavy businesses, proudly announces the launch of its cutting-edge platform and three initial offerings. In a strategic partnership, Trinsic Technologies, an industry technology services and cloud hosting company, will provide exclusive cloud hosting for AHvos’ state-of-the-art private AI engines, enabling businesses to affordably preside over their own dedicated AI engines powered by their own data.

AHvos’ proprietary Contextually Responsive Intelligence (CRI) technology does not use a large language model (LLM) or a heavy-laden neural network model. It can act upon data and produce results without storing data. AHvos matches, or in some cases, substantially outperforms, market-leading AIs that rely on LLMs.

Additionally, AHvos’ CRI uses a fraction of the data and resources typically associated with complex neural networks, such as supercomputers, large amounts of labeled training datasets and long training times. This powerful yet eco-friendly technology allows organizations to have their own, dedicated AI.

CRI is not only a safer AI, but is also a more cost-effective AI. Businesses now have access to fast, near-real-time AI services that prioritize privacy and proprietary content.

The AHvos launch includes three initial solutions tailored to individual organizational needs:

  • Data Crucible: A solution for identifying and correcting inaccurate dataset labels, reducing model bias.
  • MIT: A suite of Message Impact Transformation (MIT) services that leverage AHvos’ CRI technology for unparalleled AI-driven data analysis.
  • Impact Insights: A suite of services that delve deep into unstructured content, surpassing the capabilities of traditional sentiment analysis tools.

With AHvos’ private AI engines, AHvos avoids built-in biases and potential copyright infringement issues found in AI models trained with open web content. AHvos’ technology replaces traditional point-in-time machine learning (ML) training with continual, near-real-time machine educating (ME).  Furthermore, AHvos AI engines interact with the customer’s data without actually storing the data in memory, therefore avoiding data privacy and compliance issues.

“AHvos is not just about technology; it’s about revolutionizing the way enterprise organizations and SMBs harness the power of AI. Our solutions are designed to give businesses a clear competitive edge, ensuring they’re not just in the game, but leading it,” remarked Kevin Killens, CEO of AHvos and a pioneering force in artificial intelligence solutions.

Trinsic Technologies, with its rich history of providing technology and private cloud hosting services since 2005, is the perfect partner for this venture and aligns seamlessly with AHvos’ mission.

“Partnering with AHvos was a natural fit. Trinsic’s philosophy concerning AI and technology built by humans for humans aligns perfectly with AHvos’ mission of providing dedicated AI to data-heavy businesses. Together, we’re breaking down barriers and ensuring that all businesses have access to top-tier AI solutions,” added Art Powell, CEO of Trinsic Technologies. “It’s about leveling the playing field and giving these businesses the tools they need to thrive in an AI-driven world.”

For more information about AHvos services and its partnership with Trinsic Technologies, please visit www.ahvos.com/.

About AHvos:

AHvos offers cutting-edge, enterprise-level AI services tailorable for SMBs. With a focus on privacy and proprietary content, AHvos solutions ensure businesses harness the full potential of AI, powered by their private data.

About Trinsic Technologies

Trinsic Technologies has been providing technology solutions and strategic private cloud hosting services to organizations worldwide since 2005.  Trinsic’s strategic private cloud enables organizations to host their applications and private data in secure, robust environment, and customized to meet the unique needs of its clients.

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