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For the Quarter Ending September 2023

North America

In the third quarter, the US market for Copper Cladded Aluminum Wire underwent substantial transformations. Initially, prices experienced an upswing attributable to the interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve Board, a measure aimed at curbing inflation by year-end. This resulted in heightened demand within the renewable energy sector, particularly in the photovoltaic system industry across the USA. Alcoa, a pivotal player in the US Aluminum sector, actively promoted energy transition in Brazilian mills and recommenced mining activities in Western Australia, consequently bolstering the domestic market. Concurrently, Tesla’s electric vehicle sales in the automotive sector contributed to an increase in Aluminum consumption. Despite these positive dynamics, persistent supply constraints for European Aluminum Wire (Copper Cladded) arose due to diminished local mine production and export restrictions imposed by Indonesian suppliers. Although prices stabilized in August with the automotive sector maintaining stability, prevailing market uncertainties, elevated inventory levels, and rising interest rates instilled caution among buyers. The automotive demand was impacted by competition from Chinese producers, while the renewable energy sector continued to hold promise for Copper Cladded Aluminum Wire demand. There were apprehensions about the potential impact of anticipated adverse weather conditions on production costs.


In Q3 2023, the South Korean market for Copper Cladded Aluminum Wire witnessed noteworthy price fluctuations, characterized by fluctuations. July witnessed a surge in prices due to reduced manufacturer offers and weakened purchasing, influenced in part by high PRN packaging material prices and low aluminum recycling rates affecting aluminum durability. This prompted predictions of reduced domestic demand and an uptick in overseas recycling. Subsequently, domestic prices initially declined, mirroring India’s production drop stemming from weak demand. Global economic uncertainty, coupled with high import tariffs on raw Aluminum, further pressured prices, leading to cautious purchasing. The negative impact of rising US interest rates was particularly felt in export demand, especially within the automotive manufacturing sector. Midway through the quarter, South Korean prices rebounded due to steady demand from the power and distribution sectors. Despite this recovery, concerns lingered regarding the US debt ceiling, sluggish domestic consumption, limited policy stimulus, and a gloomy global economic outlook. While stable supply levels contributed to increased local inventory, bauxite imports from Guinea supported sustainable mining. The construction sector witnessed weak demand, but growth was observed in the battery foil and electrical/electronic sectors. Short-term expectations suggested a positive trend in aluminum prices, with a focus on downstream consumption intensity. The market exhibited resilience amid ongoing challenges.

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The German market for Copper Cladded Aluminum Wire experienced stability in the third quarter. Initially, prices surged due to improved economic conditions and lower local inventories. Indonesian export restrictions tightened supply, leading to elevated spot market prices. A contract with the Indian rail company Alston fueled demand, as parts were set to be manufactured in France, resulting in higher export quotas from Germany. The European market is contemplating lifting the ban on Russian Aluminum imports, thanks to stabilization in supply and demand, facilitated by Russia’s largest Aluminum producer, Russell. Alcoa’s mining permit for its Aluminum Wire (Copper Cladded) mine in Western Australia, coupled with government recognition of Aluminum’s importance, further supported the market. Domestic supply remained constrained due to the Indonesian mining ban and reduced German factory activity. The recovery of the electric vehicle sector and a 0.25% rate hike contributed to inflation stabilization, fostering demand. In August, prices remained steady due to ample Bauxite supply and limited local orders. Downstream industries, including shipbuilding, clean energy, and automotive, displayed promise, with companies such as Volvo and Tesla expanding production across Europe. Despite economic uncertainties and cautious buyers, the market for Copper Cladded Aluminum Wire is anticipated to witness increased demand in the coming months as production rates rise and economic conditions stabilize. 

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