Angela "Blac Chyna" White Signs "Multi-Million" Dollar Partnership with Passes

Blac Chyna joins Passes to share exclusive behind the scenes content with fans 

MIAMI, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Passes, a subscription-based, community-driven platform, today announced entertainer and entrepreneur Angela White, also known as “Blac Chyna,” has joined the platform where she will share exclusive content with subscribers. Angela has been one of the top creators on OnlyFans since 2020, but is now transitioning to a platform that empowers her to connect with her fans on a deeper, more intimate level while sharing content that focuses on her healthy mind, body and spirit.

“I am so grateful to join Passes, a female-owned platform that lets me show my true self to better connect with my growing community,” said Angela “Blac Chyna” White. “The last year has been transformative for my mental and physical health, and I look forward to sharing more of that journey on Passes. My hope is that telling my story will help people feel less alone and more supported in whatever struggles they may be going through.”

Passes is a clean content platform that welcomes creators of all sizes and niches, offering a level of digital intimacy between creators and their fans that existing platforms don’t provide. Built for creators, Passes is the best platform for them to earn a recurring income, build and grow a long lasting business, and foster deeper relationships with their fandom. Passes is more than just a subscription platform, it helps creators connect with their fans through exclusive content and experiences including memberships, one on one fan calls, live streaming, paid messaging and more. It also offers the most advanced analytics so creators can understand their fanbase and the content they love the most. Angela’s content will feature a variety of topics that are important to her such as her spirituality, running her business, favorite recipes and cooking tips, fitness routines, and an intimate, behind the scenes look at more personal life experiences like getting her filler dissolved and quitting alcohol and nicotine.

“We believe all creators are entrepreneurs and it’s our mission to help creators scale their communities and therefore, their businesses,” said Lucy Guo, Founder and CEO of Passes. “Brand deals are a volatile source of income, however, most of the time and resources that creators spend on making content is misaligned with their compensation. At Passes, we understand that the best way to grow your brand and business is to be able to directly connect with your fans, so we strive to help turn them into superfans. We are thrilled to welcome Angela and her fans to the platform!”

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Passes is a subscription-based, community-driven platform, where every creator is an entrepreneur. The platform helps creators build and grow long-lasting businesses by cultivating deep, intimate relationships with their fanbase, turning them into superfans. Through live streaming, paid DMs, memberships, one on one calls and more, creators are able to make a living doing what they love and more importantly, are receiving the compensation they deserve. Whether a creator has 10 fans or 1 million fans, every interaction on Passes feels personal. For more information please visit

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