ASTRALCOM Adds Short-Term and Long-Term Website ADA Compliance Remediation Solutions To Offerings

Agency Urges Businesses to Act Now and Protect Their Brands By Ensuring ADA Compliance on Their Websites

LAKEWOOD, Calif., May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ASTRALCOM, a leading digital marketing agency, is calling on businesses to take action and ensure their websites are ADA-compliant before it’s too late. With recent legal actions and lawsuits targeting non-compliant websites, the urgency to meet ADA compliance standards has never been more critical.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, all websites must be accessible to people with disabilities, including those with vision, hearing, and mobility impairments. However, many websites fail to meet these standards, leaving millions of Americans with disabilities unable to access important information and services online.

To address this issue, ASTRALCOM has launched its new Website ADA Compliance Service, which provides businesses with a comprehensive solution to ensure their website is accessible to all, and which meets or exceeds ADA compliance standards. The service includes a thorough review of the website to identify potential accessibility issues, followed by a detailed report with recommendations for remediation. Remediation solutions depend upon several factors, including website size, traffic, short-term and long-term compliance, and remediation goals.

“We are urging all businesses to take action now and ensure that their website is ADA compliant,” said Richard Bergér, VP of E-Business at ASTRALCOM. “The consequences of non-compliance can be severe, including costly lawsuits, damage to brand reputation, and loss of potential customers. We want to help businesses avoid these issues and provide equal access to all users.”

In addition to avoiding potential legal issues, businesses that invest in ADA compliance can reap a range of benefits, including improved SEO, increased engagement, and a better user experience for all visitors.The new service is available now on the ASTRALCOM website at For more information or to schedule a consultation, businesses can contact ASTRALCOM directly.


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