BIORESTORE launches campaign for scientific solution that restores worn garments back to new with one wash

The patent-pending formula, which won H&M Foundation’s 2022 Global Change Award, removes pillin/lint from the surface and structure of fabric to revive color, shape, and hand feel

STOCKHOLM, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Today, BIORESTORE launched a crowdfunding campaign for their award-winning product—an easy-to-use and simple “re-tergent” solution that restores, refreshes, and renews garments with one wash in a household washing machine. Unlike laundry detergents which clean garments, BIORESTORE scientifically removes pilling from fabric’s surface, which improves color brilliance, realigns the fibers, and reshapes the macro structure. One box (suitable for restoring 1kg of cotton and cotton-blended textiles equivalent to 6-8 adult garments) is available starting at the early bird price of $25 USD on the Kickstarter platform.

BIORESTORE is one of five innovations awarded a shared €1 million grant from the non-profit H&M Foundation for their efforts in helping the fashion industry become more planet positive. As a 2022 Global Change Award winner, BIORESTORE is recognized as a disruptive innovation that addresses one or several of the earth’s global commons—land, water, oceans, climate and biodiversity—helping the industry get one step closer to reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In addition to the financial grant, BIORESTORE will get access to the one-year GCA Impact Accelerator programme provided by H&M Foundation in partnership with Accenture, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and The Mills.

“What if you could sustainably and easily restore your legendary concert t-shirt, your ex’s left-behind hoodie, the dress that defined your twenties, a late relative’s sweater, or the precious first garments worn by your baby,” said Richard Toon, Co-Founder and Creative Director. “We all have that worn out favorite garment sitting in our closet—a piece of clothing with fond memories that’s been lost to time—the color faded, the surface rough, bobbled, pilled, the hems and cuffs stretched and shapeless. With BIORESTORE, we wanted to develop a solution to restore them simply and sustainably.”

Over time, repeated washing and regular use of clothing causes fabric to lose its color, sheen, shape and structure through a negative process of wear and tear called fibrillation. On a macro and micro level, fibrillation becomes visible on the surface of garments as pills (also known as lint, fluff, or bobbles). This leads to colors looking dull, prints appearing faded, the surface no longer soft or smooth, the cuffs and collars becoming stretched & worn, and the overall fit of the garment becomes shapeless and loose.

“Behind the thin layer of accumulated fiber bundles that obscures both the original color and fabric surface texture is a garment waiting for a second chance and to avoid the bottomless pit of global landfill,” said Wajahat Hussain, Co-Founder and CEO. “We’ve tried and tested all of the so-called ‘solutions’ including garment shavers, softeners, razors, brighteners, scissors, combs, sticky tape, detergents, sand paper, pumice stones, elbow grease, and more. BIORESTORE replaces all of these aggressive tools with a simple, sustainable, scientific, and smart solution.”

BIORESTORE is a powder formula made with enzymes and consciously selected ingredients. In comparison to other laundry products containing upwards of 29 ingredients, BIORESTORE is a minimal formulation of just six essential ingredients. Unlike traditional detergents, the team has refrained from adding chemicals, such as whitening agents, fragrance, silicons, softeners, or optical brighteners. Users simply add BIORESTORE to their at-home washing machine, set to 40ºC Eco, tumble dry cool, and reveal the results.

“Enzymes are available in abundance in nature, acting as catalysts that speed up processes of transformation and conversion in billions of natural and organic processes,” continued Toon. “The biggest benefit of enzymes is that they are really smart, only activating under very particular conditions. With BIORESTORE, the active enzyme ingredients identify and target the damaged problem-causing pilling on the garment surface and deep inside the fabric structure. An enzymatic hydrolysis reaction detaches these fibers from the main structure, restoring the fibers and the garment.”

The BIORESTORE team has over 25 years of experience from the fashion, textile, and material science industry. They have deep knowledge of working with textile chemistry and technology from laundry to the lab and factory floor to the design studio, they understand and share the frustration of losing favorite garments to time. To solve this, they did what they know best—they studied the yarns, inspected the garment failures, crunched the numbers and analyzed the data to develop the BIORESTORE solution.

The USA alone dumps 17 million tons of textile waste each year. We’re also deeply concerned by the massive consumption of materials and resources in the production of new clothing on a rapidly increasing cyclical scale of consumption. As one example, a t-shirt requires up to 3,500 liters of water in its journey from cotton plant to finished store ready goods,” continued Hussain. “The simple fact is that we all buy, consume and dispose of far too many items of clothing when they could be easily, simply and sustainably renewed and restored. BIORESTORE allows for this.”

The estimated delivery of BIORESTORE is in Q4 2022. Media wishing to interview their personnel should contact PR agent Jackson Wightman at

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