BOE attends SID Display Week 2023, presenting trailblazing semiconductor display technologies

LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On May 23, SID Display Week 2023, a prestigious event hailed as the “Oscars” in the display industry, opened in Los Angeles, the United States. It was the 60th edition of the SID Display Week and coincided with the 30th anniversary of the founding of BOE, a global leader in the semiconductor display industry. BOE brought a slew of cutting-edge technologies to the significant event, including many new launches under its technology brands of ADS Pro, f-OLED and α-MLED, and brand-new innovative applications such as smart in-vehicle display, glasses-free 3D and the metaverse. During the event, BOE also hosted the inaugural “Define the Future – BOE Innovation Ecosystem Forum” jointly with its partners, providing deep insights into the future of the global semiconductor display industry along with SID. In addition, BOE published nearly 100 papers on technological innovation through the platform of SID, of which a dozen were released at various seminars, and some received the SID Distinguished Paper Award. Its 10-inch 8K LCD display tailored to 3D printing was selected as the “Display Application of the Year”. It was one of the many state-of-the-art technologies BOE exhibited at the event, giving a glimpse of an even smarter, more fantastic and more power-efficient future of the semiconductor display industry.

ADS Pro offers superfast UHD experience with record-breaking refresh rate

At SID Display Week 2023, BOE’s self-developed LCD products backed by its ADS Pro solution amazed the audiences with impressive strengths such as UHD, ultrahigh refresh rate, optimal effects from all viewing angles and wide color gamut, pushing the envelope of the display industry.

In the exhibition zone, BOE’s newly released 110-ich 16K UHD display drew a big crowd. The product adopts BOE’s cutting-edge oxide TFT technology and features high charge carrier mobility and an ultrahigh resolution, improving the image finesse by four times on the basis of 8K. It adopts BOE’s proprietary image enhancement technology to further boost the charging and drive capabilities, delivering exquisite and breathtaking image effects. The company’s laptop display product with the world’s highest refresh rate of 600 Hz was particularly eye-catching. It boasts a record-breaking refresh rate and fast response within 1 ms, creating a seamless and fluid gaming experience for users. As a signature high-end product under its ADS Pro brand, BOE’s 110-inch UB Cell display features six core strengths, namely, 178-degree viewing angles, ultralow reflectivity, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, wide color gamut and high brightness, delivering ultimate image quality in strong ambient lighting. With premium display effects comparable to OLED and stunning extra-large display experience, the product is definitely a pacesetter and landmark product in the LCD field. BOE also unveiled its 27-inch eco-friendly display product made of recycled materials. The product features ultralow power consumption while ensuring the QHD resolution, setting a new trend for low-carbon display.

f-OLED empowers diverse display scenarios with flexible forms

BOE’s high-end flexible display technology solution f-OLED empowers a myriad of application scenarios with diverse forms, multiple features and other strengths, opening up new vistas where displays are ubiquitous.

At SID Display Week 2023, BOE’s unprecedented 17-inch bendable laptop display was a magnet. With up to 6.5 laps and the maximum bend range of 272 mm, the product can unfold from 10 inches up to 17 inches, unlocking more possibilities for portability and flexible switch between different sizes. BOE also launched the industry’s first foldable product that can be folded both lengthwise and breadthwise. Based on the company’s all-new module structure solution, the product can be unfolded fully, folded in an “X” pattern or folded in a “Y” pattern, greatly expanding the application of smart devices in office, creation, gaming, entertainment and other scenarios. Additionally, BOE exhibited its industry-leading flexible display armed with the LTPO and tandem technologies. It achieves peak brightness of 2,000 nits, reduces power consumption by over 20% and at the same time, increases the service life by three to four times, providing a superior OLED experience for users.

α-MLED fulfills quest for excellence with exquisite image quality

In the MLED field, BOE’s chip-on-glass active matrix (COG AM) LED display system and solution α-MLED earned high acclaim from the audiences with its incredible UHD image quality and rich and natural images.

BOE’s industry-leading 163-inch 0.9mm LTPS COG MLED is characterized as highlights edge-to-edge display, UHD image quality and eye care. Using GIA design and lateral processing technology, the product achieves edge-to-edge splicing, giving users a more impactful viewing experience. Leveraging BOE’s proprietary PAM+PWM mode, the eye-friendly display product delivers stunning, flicker-free image quality, fully meeting consumers’ demand for quality and sense of presence in studio, home entertainment and other scenarios. BOE also presented its 31.5-inch COG AM backlit MLED display product with 4,000 zones. The product sports peak brightness of 2,500 nits, 100% DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB, as well as vibrant and natural display effects with a million-level contrast ratio. It also supports high refresh rates of 144 Hz/240 Hz, well satisfying the requirements for high quality in design and gaming scenarios. Currently, BOE’s COG AM MLED products have been mass-produced and widely used in the products of top Chinese and foreign brands such as Lenovo, KONKA and Skyworth. BOE has also efficiently integrated the MLED business ecosystem to amp up innovation along the entire industry chain.

Immersive interaction enabled by innovative technology, unlocking infinite possibilities for smart cockpit, glasses-free 3D and the metaverse

With smart display being baked into daily life at a faster pace, BOE is striving to bring displays with more diverse features and forms to a wider range of scenarios and empower more immersive, interactive applications with innovative technologies. At SID Display Week 2023, a lot of visitors were attracted to get hands-on and interact with BOE’s exhibits.

Through the fusion of world-leading display and AIoT technologies, BOE’s first-of-its-kind smart cockpit has a 42.2-inch display and a 6.94-inch Camera Monitor System (CMS). The exterior, display, printed circuit board and software of the cockpit were all developed by BOE independently. The display features an ultrahigh resolution of 10K, a million-level contrast ratio and a 110% color gamut, delivering vibrant colors and a superb viewing experience. The under-display camera in the instrument panel comes with smart features that are both personalized and safe. Leveraging AI technology based on deep learning, it can accurately detect drowsiness, fatigue and other dangerous driver behaviors, and give warnings against such behaviors on the display. The peek-proof passenger display uses BOE’s Smart View Control (SVC) solution, and the peek prevention switch can be controlled by both the driver and passenger as needed, making it easier to switch between privacy protection and sharing. Furthermore, the smart cockpit adopts the under-display vibration control technology, which enables more accurate operations and timely feedback and rids the driver of the need to look at the screen for a long time, thus creating a smarter, safer and more considerate travel experience. In the field of in-vehicle display, BOE also introduced a 15-inch slidable central display that fits well into the interior of the cockpit and can automatically go up or down in multiple modes, which is the first of its kind in the industry. BOE’s 12.3-inch hidden Mini LED dual-display increases the screen brightness by 50% and has a realistic wood texture that blends well with the interior, affording the cockpit a hint of beauty and a high-tech touch.

BOE’s futuristic display technologies and products gave the audiences not only a visual feast but also incredibly immersive, interactive experiences. The 32-inch nude optical field 3D display released by BOE for the first time has a large display information capacity, which can achieve retinal 3D display resolution, ultra-wide depth of field space and smooth motion parallax, bringing the audience immersive 3D experience. BOE’s first-of-its-kind 8K glasses-free 3D display features a 4K resolution per eye, and uses the company’s self-developed eye tracking technology to create amazing 3D effects. BOE’s AR/VR products geared up for the metaverse also gained traction. The world’s leading 1.3-inch 4K4K Micro OLED VR display products with a resolution of more than 4000, delivers a crystal-clear and highly immersive gaming and viewing experience. The first-of-its-kind field sequential color (FSC) 4K VR product boasts an ultrahigh resolution of up to 2,117 PPI and reduces power consumption by roughly 50%, giving users a strong sense of presence.

In addition to showcasing its best-in-class display technologies and smart interactive experiences, BOE hosted the “Defining Future – BOE Innovation Ecosystem Forum” in a bid to explore new pathways to the innovation-driven development of the global industry ecosystem jointly with SID and global partners. Notably, BOE’s 10-inch 8K LCD display customized for a customer for the purpose of 3D printing was honored the “Display Application of the Year.” Using the LTPS LCD panel, the product achieves high-precision 3D printing at a speed five times that of regular printers, reflecting BOE’s remarkable strength in empowering a broad range of fields with its innovative display technologies.

From “everything as display” to the “internet of displays,” the 30-year-old display maker has maintained its respect for technology and dedication to innovation and rolled out a range of innovative technologies and products, keeping China’s display industry at the forefront in the world. Standing at a new starting point, BOE will stick to the “internet of displays” strategy and further deepen the integration of display technology and IoT applications to serve the high-quality development of the display industry in the IoT era, thus opening a new chapter of smart living and making a difference in people’s lives.

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