Bridge Learning Tech Launches Next-Generation Consumer Duty Content Suite Featuring AI, VR and Interactive Videos for the Automotive and Financial Services Industries

LONDON, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As a pioneering provider of Enterprise Immersive Learning Solutions, Bridge Learning Tech [] is thrilled to unveil its comprehensive Consumer Duty Content Suite, tailor-made for the automotive and financial services industries. This state-of-the-art suite combines cutting-edge technology with foundational learning methodologies, offering an unparalleled learning experience.

Bridge LT Introduces Next-Gen Consumer Duty Content Suite for Auto and Financial Services Incorporating AI and VR Tech

The automotive and financial sectors face a persistent demand for contemporary compliance learning that is not just informative but also engaging and memorable. Bridge Learning Tech’s new suite meets this demand head-on, fortifying internal compliance mechanisms whilst also protecting organisations. Here’s what’s inside:

AI-Enhanced Customer Experience Training: This avant-garde, AI-powered solution offers personalised training for front-line automotive and financial service professionals. A call centre representative, for example, can undergo tailored simulations, interacting with customers facing financial struggles, thus ensuring compassionate and effective communication.

Fully Immersive VR Learning Modules: Bridge Learning Tech’s VR modules submerge learners into hyper-realistic settings. For example, bank employees can navigate a VR environment that mimics a busy banking day, identifying and rectifying compliance issues. Similarly, automotive salespeople can practise customer interactions in a virtual showroom.

Interactive Video Learning: This solution leverages video to its fullest instructional capacity, encouraging deep knowledge retention. Automotive professionals can actively engage with evolving regulatory content, whilst financial services teams receive real-time feedback on crucial compliance steps.

Serena Joseph, a Board Advisor at Bridge, said, “Our new Consumer Duty Content Suite is designed to take training to the next level. We’ve blended proven teaching methods with the latest technology to create a unique and effective learning experience. The best part? Our suite is flexible. It can easily fit into your current training system or be part of Bridge’s own next-generation learning experience platform. Either way, we aim to provide personalised, skill-building learning experience that meets the needs of each individual and organisation.”

In an age where striking the balance between stringent compliance and genuine engagement is a struggle, Bridge Learning Tech provides a fresh solution. The company is finely tuned to modern necessities and, with its innovative approach, is well-positioned to redefine enterprise learning for the digital era.

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