Calsense encourages businesses to embrace Green Certification

The smart irrigation pioneer celebrated Earth Month by becoming part of the California Green Business Network and hopes its experiences inspire others to do the same

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As part of Earth Month 2022, California smart irrigation company Calsense is encouraging businesses nationwide to explore how they can work with states and local governments to obtain environmental and sustainability certification.

Calsense has just received its certification from the California Green Business Network, and the company’s President and CEO A.J. van de Ven said his company’s experiences, working in collaboration with the City of Carlsbad’s Green Business Program, had proved incredibly rewarding.

“Our company promotes sustainability at its core, offering smart irrigation solutions to preserve the Earth’s most precious resource: water,” van de Ven said. “But we didn’t want to stop there. We were looking for a way that we could do more to embed sustainability into our company culture, to share that process with staff and demonstrate our commitment to green business practice to our customers.

“The Carlsbad Green Business Program gave us the perfect opportunity to expand our environmental stewardship through everything we do. And the timing was perfect, allowing us to celebrate Earth Month with this announcement. We’re incredibly excited about this achievement.”

For Calsense, the certification process involved staff in implementing several operational changes through Calsense’s Green Team – a group of employees who are highly motivated and committed to protecting the planet.

“To be part of Calsense, you understand how important your impact is, especially when it comes to our environment,” said Calsense Marketing Communications Manager, Julia Teske, who has been a member of Calsense’s Green Team from its inception. “We were all excited to be part of the process to achieve the certification, and we are thrilled our efforts paid off.”

Among the changes Calsense has established are:

  • displaying signage at Calsense’s Carlsbad headquarters to encourage energy and water conservation in the building
  • switching to sustainable shipping alternatives instead of bubble wrap
  • using UPS carbon neutral shipping
  • training staff on proper recycling practices
  • switching to green-certified janitorial products

As part of the Carlsbad Green Business Program, Calsense is committed to promoting these policies to other companies, organizations, and the community.

“For us as a company, the journey to certification has been tremendously rewarding and transformative,” van de Ven said. “So, we’d encourage any other businesses that are thinking of taking similar steps to go for it. Making green practices a core part of your business operation is about future-proofing; for your company, your staff, your customers and for the world. And there’s no better time to do so than now.

“If you’re a business leader, you can make enquiries at the state level to see what they offer as a path to certification. If there isn’t anything available in your location, you can get in touch with your local state or congressional representative and suggest creating a partnership to deliver new certification together. If you take the lead, you’ll be establishing a path not just for your company, but for many others to come, which is a significant contribution on your part to a healthier environment.”

About Calsense

Calsense is a partner with the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense® program in promoting water efficient products and services. For 35 years, the company has contributed to providing a sustainable future by developing water resource management tools and strategies, directly incorporating input from its customers. Calsense helps its customers conserve water, manage labor and ultimately save money through smart irrigation. The company’s industry-leading technology and support bridge the gap between irrigation designer, installer, landscape maintainer and water manager to provide the support needed at each phase of a project. Customers partner with Calsense for a reliable system that provides long-term value. For more information, visit

WaterSense is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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