The Benefits of Business Expense Report Automation

The Benefits of Business Expense Report Automation

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees began to crave in-person activities. The use of employee credit cards increased for recreational spending by 107%. If you don’t sign off on employee business expenses, you might be struggling with cash flow. Don’t let your employees take advantage of your outdated manual spending system. Instead, use business expense … Read more

Building a Conversational AI Strategy

Building A conversational AI

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as a buzzword a decade ago, and it has led to a significant shift in the way businesses and people operate. Humans have used language as a medium to communicate for a much longer time than they have used graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Systems that use language as their medium … Read more

AI in Healthcare

Healthcare has always involved the intersection of human judgement and scientific data. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are bringing those two elements closer than ever—and the industry is feeling the impact. Defined as “computer systems able to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence,” data-based artificial intelligence analyzes large amounts of data using algorithms to learn … Read more

Security Threat: Falsified Satellite Images in Deepfake Geography

    Scientists who have identified a potential national security threat from incorrect geography, for example in incorrect satellite imagery, are investigating ways to identify it and take countermeasures. (Image credit: Getty Images) Deepfake is a portmanteau of “deep learning” and “fake” and refers to a synthetic medium in which a person in an existing … Read more