Catona Climate To Accelerate Growth of High-Impact Nature-Based Climate Solutions

Emerging from deep roots in climate action, Catona Climate empowers companies in the fight against climate change and raises the quality bar for global carbon markets to maximize project integrity and impact

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Dedicated to driving capital to nature and enabling a fair, equitable transition to a net-zero future, Catona Climate builds on years of experience bringing rigorous standards of quality to the carbon market — working with trusted partners on the ground and harnessing new technologies to develop the highest-impact nature-based carbon projects on Earth.

“At this critical juncture, Catona Climate will accelerate the development of innovative carbon solutions and expand our global portfolio of high-quality nature-based projects, enabling organizations to cost-effectively achieve long-term climate commitments with maximum planet impact,” shared CEO, Tate Mill. “Our innovative approach to sourcing, financing, and monitoring nature-based projects — supported by an ecosystem of technology partnerships — enables us to drive capital back into nature for decades to come.”

Catona Climate benefits from a team of carbon industry experts and veterans with decades of combined experience in the identification and design of high-impact projects and partnerships with trusted project developers — committed to the highest-quality nature-based solutions, while rapidly innovating to meet the evolving needs of clients and the growing carbon market.

Innovative Partnerships and Bespoke Carbon Offtake Models Enable Ambitious Climate Goals

Tailoring solutions to individual company needs is central to Catona Climate’s business approach. In 2023, the team established a groundbreaking partnership with Meta to secure a pre-order of 6.75 million metric tons of nature-based carbon removal credits as part of its goal to reach and maintain net-zero emissions across its value chain in 2030. Catona Climate’s expansive carbon portfolio provides the level of scale required to supply the largest and most ambitious enterprises with the high-quality credits they’ll need over the coming decades.

Similarly, Catona Climate is working with other forward-looking companies to drive climate action at scale including Deloitte, Societe Generale, Sonos, and more.  

“Catona Climate is committed to pioneering transformative actions in the carbon market, applying industry-leading diligence and project criteria to guide new project design and investment,” noted Rob Lee, Chief Carbon Officer. “In partnership with the brightest minds across project developers, enterprise buyers, and other stakeholders in the carbon market ecosystem, we’re bringing our vision for a net-zero future to life through impactful projects and solutions that make up one of the world’s highest-quality carbon portfolios.”

Identifying Opportunities to Scale Carbon Solutions

New research from Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace underscores the forward-thinking approach of companies engaged in the voluntary carbon market. Such companies are not only decarbonizing at a rate 1.8 times faster year-over-year, but are also 1.3 times more likely to have supplier engagement strategies. Furthermore, they invest three times more in emission reduction efforts within their value chain, demonstrating a holistic approach to combating climate change.

Nature-based solutions (NbS) — such as reforestation, agroforestry, soil carbon sequestration, and mangrove restoration — offer a proven and efficient method of removing carbon from the atmosphere. Properly funded, they’re capable of providing 37% of cost effective carbon mitigation through 2030 in alignment with a 2 degree warming future. But while the voluntary carbon market has the potential to keep growing exponentially in the coming years, nature-based solutions are critically underfunded — particularly with respect to private capital, which currently accounts for only 17% of annual investment in NbS. Yet they remain one of the most cost-effective pathways to remove carbon at scale.

Catona Climate bridges the gap by connecting companies with robust decarbonization plans to a breadth of high-impact carbon removal projects, and leveraging aggregated enterprise demand to de-risk financing partners’ investments. As global warming projections indicate an inevitable surpassing of the Paris Climate Agreement thresholds, the need for immediate action and significant investment in nature-based carbon removal solutions has never been more urgent.

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Catona Climate is a climate finance company that delivers high-quality carbon solutions to businesses everywhere, helping transform climate pledges into measurable action through rigorously vetted high-impact nature-based carbon projects around the world. Guided by an unwavering commitment to the planet, Catona Climate exists to combat the climate crisis by driving capital to nature and enabling a fair and equitable transition to a net-zero future. Catona Climate is a member of the Business Alliance to Scale Climate Solutions, Project Drawdown, IETA and other critical industry groups dedicated to accelerating climate action. For more information, visit

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