Christian Braman plans national "storefront" expansion for Valiabiz

GREENWICH, Conn., March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The plans are for the currently online-based business management and development service provider to create a luxurious and exclusive in-person experience for all of its members nationwide.

Christian Braman plans national “storefront” expansion for Valiabiz

The popular business service provider Valiabiz is planning a national expansion with 31 locations scheduled to open in various states across the United States over the next 18 months.

The 24/7 subscription-based business management and development service provider announces they’ll be skipping the office concept and creating a unique experience for their members by opening storefront locations that will include Sales Offices, Member Lounges, Product Development Lab, and “Elizabeth Braman’s Complimentary Cafe” in dedication of the Founder’s late mother.

“I want our members to feel successful and exclusively welcome, because that’s the boujee experience we all enjoy when we reach a certain level in entrepreneurship. Rather than opening boring office locations like every other business consulting firm in the world, I want our members to have a place to call their own where they can come together and network, meet with their Valiabiz pros, and truly enjoy the process of starting and scaling their businesses.”

The Valiabiz locations will offer members a high-quality luxurious environment never seen elsewhere. The first location of them all is planned to open in June.

Braman said this is something the world needs and wants, but doesn’t know it yet.

“Business owners everywhere are struggling to find peace within the hardships that occur when starting and scaling their businesses. There’s never been a place on this planet where business owners and their teams can go to get away from the outside world and focus on their dreams, goals, and visions. Most of our clients have their own business locations but I am certain they will find their way to a Valiabiz location to enjoy our lounge that will be exclusively accessible to our members only so they’ll know that every single person in the room shares the same common goals.”

He said the growth they’ve seen couldn’t have been done without their existing members constantly referring others.

“It still shocks me to know that Valiabiz has never spent money on marketing or advertising yet. We’ve managed to obtain hundreds of thousands of members through nothing but direct referral from our member businesses. That says a lot about the amazing experience our members currently have with us virtually. I can only imagine when we’re all in-person.”

Braman said his vision of the 31 locations is a combination of luxury and growth. Each location has a different feel to suit the area’s taste.

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