Colloidal Silicon Dioxide Prices: Price, Trend, Pricing, News, Analysis

For the Quarter Ending September 2023

North America

In the third quarter, the pricing dynamics of Colloidal Silicon Dioxide in the United States exhibited fluctuations. Initially, prices saw an uptick in July, propelled by inventory restocking, heightened demand from end-user sectors, and diminished imports from key exporting nations like China. A 3.2 percent surge in consumer prices during July increased company costs, contributing to the rise in Colloidal Silicon Dioxide pricing. August witnessed a decline in prices compared to July, attributed to a decrease in new orders and market consumption. The 3.7 percent spike in consumer prices in August, primarily driven by escalating fuel costs, exerted inflationary pressures, leading to an ample supply of Colloidal Silicon Dioxide and subsequent price reductions. However, prices rebounded in September due to various political and economic factors, including persistent inflation, sluggish trade, and consistent demand from end-user industries. China’s efforts to enhance trade with Southeast Asian allies amid heightened political tensions with the US also impacted supplies to the US, keeping Colloidal Silicon Dioxide prices elevated.

Asia Pacific

Colloidal Silicon Dioxide prices in the third quarter displayed a mixed trajectory. A 3.54 percent increase in July resulted from growing demand in domestic and international markets, coupled with a limited supply. The robust growth in the manufacturing sector at the quarter’s onset indicated increased consumer activity as new orders from other nations surged. Elevated business and labor expenses prompted enterprises to raise selling prices, contributing to the upward trend. In August, prices dropped by 2.21 percent due to higher crude oil prices, stemming from production curbs by Saudi Arabia and Russia, leading to increased transportation costs. Higher interest rates in crucial export regions also dampened Colloidal Silicon Dioxide demand in the international market, intensifying the downward trend. However, a 4.26 percent rise in prices in September was attributed to surging demand, boosting industry confidence amid rising inflationary pressures. Strong domestic demand, coupled with increased overseas sales to Asia, Europe, and North America, contributed to this noteworthy result.

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Throughout the third quarter, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide prices in the German market displayed a varied pattern. July witnessed an increase in prices due to rising end-user demand and decreasing inventories among merchants and suppliers. Adverse weather conditions, including excessive heat and heavy rains, disrupted transportation networks, leading to delayed deliveries and contributing to the price hike. In August, prices gracefully descended, primarily driven by abundant offerings from market providers and a decline in customer demand. Retailers and service providers noted a decrease in new orders, influenced by rising interest rates and inflation, impacting consumer confidence and reducing demand in the domestic market. However, prices rebounded in September, signaling a resurgence of consumer confidence in the German market. This upward trend could be linked to critical factors such as a scarcity of accessible inventory, elevated energy prices, and heightened end-user demand.

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