Conference on Technology Innovation in Construction Equipment Kicking Off in China, Publishes Construction Machinery Market Index and Industry's First Blue Book

XUZHOU, China, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG Machinery (“XCMG”, SHE:000425) has hosted the inaugural Conference on Technology Innovation in Construction Equipment (the “Conference”) from October 17 to 19 in Xuzhou. Themed “Digital, Intelligent, and Green“, the Conference has invited experts and industry leaders to jointly share and discuss the latest technological innovation trends in the construction machinery industry that are guiding future development from all perspectives. 

Conference on Technology Innovation in Construction Equipment Kicking Off in China, Publishes Construction Machinery Market Index and Industry’s First Blue Book.

The Conference has officially launched the “Construction Equipment Market Index” (the “Index”) and the industry’s first intellectual property blue book, “Construction Equipment Intellectual Property Blue Book (2023)” (the “Blue Book”). 

“The conference has well captured the fundamental laws of new industrialization as well as a deeper understanding of the core principles of the modernized industrial system,” shared Yang Dongsheng, CEO and chairman of XCMG

The Index was published by XCMG, and the China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) together with other partners. The project completed the program design of the Index and preliminarily selected 12 types of construction machinery products from seven major categories, featuring key indicators including the average length of time, construction start rate, and more, to carry out the first industry analysis. 

Through analyzing the changes in key indicators of the typical, representative construction machinery products, as well as the use of equipment in infrastructure, housing construction, energy, chemical, logistics, and other fields, the comprehensive and systematic Index can reflect the various situations timely and effectively. 

The Blue Book was jointly released by XCMG, CCMA, Jiangsu Intellectual Property Protection Center, and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Patent and Trademark Office, which provides key technical references and trend guidance to anchor the future development of the industry from the perspective of intellectual property rights. 

Shan Zenghai, chief engineer of XCMG, shared his summary review of the Blue Book and noted that intellectual property rights are the greatest cohesion of innovation achievements, and using them to analyze paths of innovation, research industry development, elevate R&D starting points, and protect the fruits of innovation is supporting the industry’s high-quality development. 

“Intellectual property is also an important prerequisite to inject new vitality into innovation, and it is the core competitive and strategic advantage of the company. The Blue Book has filled the industry gap, and it will fully safeguard industry development and innovation,” said Shan

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