DAXIN Industrial and SHIXI Technology is set to unveil the industry's first AI ALL-IN-ONE Dual-Camera webcast Device at this year's CES exhibition (January 09-12, 2024)

DONGGUAN, China, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the outset of the project, we conducted an in-depth industry research lasting for six months, aiming to comprehensively understand the current state and future trends of the webcasting industry.  During the research process, we employed a combined qualitative and quantitative approach, delving into conversations and interviews with front-line broadcasters, heads of MCN (Multi-Channel Network) organizations, webcasting institutions, and school leaders to gain profound insights into the pain points and demands of the webcasting industry.

Despite the rapid growth of the online webcasting sector, practitioners still face the challenge of inadequate tools. Up to 80% of online broadcasters opt for using smartphones for webcasting. However, the convenience of mobile webcasting fails to mask serious issues such as overheating, latency, and buffering. For novice broadcasters, these problems pose significant obstacles to their development. Furthermore, the fixed camera position in mobile webcasting makes scene transitions and detailed close-ups particularly difficult.

As the saying goes in the Analects of Confucius, “If a craftsman wants to do his work well, he must first sharpen his tools.” Based on a profound understanding of the target users and their needs, we decided to develop a device specifically designed for webcasting. This AI ALL-IN-ONE Dual-Camera webcast Device:

  • Features an all-in-one design, compact and portable, allowing users to start live streaming or record vlogs anytime, anywhere.
  • Equipped with both telephoto and wide-angle lenses, with the main camera boasting an impressive 50 million pixels.
  • Incorporates a high-performance lens design with a flexible 210-degree rotation, catering to a variety of scenarios:indoors and outdoors webcast and entertainment webcast.
  • Supports dual-streaming, enabling split-screen or picture-in-picture displays, presenting large scenes and small details simultaneously to the audience.
  • Offers a seamless experience with no overheating, no latency, and no buffering, allowing for seven hours of uninterrupted live streaming

As this is our first-generation product, despite our confidence in the product, the direction of iteration remains unclear until we receive specific market feedback. Therefore, moving forward, we commit to maintaining open communication with users and continuously collecting additional user feedback for iterative upgrades to the product.

DAXIN and SHIXI both are technology-driven enterprises, and the core vision for us is: share the benefits of technology and let the AI lights up your life.

After an extensive two-year observation and understanding of the webcast industry, we have acutely recognized the disproportionate control of information and resources by the industry’s leading broadcasters. Furthermore, we acknowledge that the current webcast solutions fail to address the significant challenges faced by broadcasters during live sessions. Consequently, we have developed an innovative dual-camera live streaming device. Our objective is to dismantle industry barriers through the integration of professional, cost-effective live streaming products and superior services, empowering every individual with the opportunity to become a leading broadcaster.

‘DAXIN-SHIXI is driving innovation through R&D design, we collaborate with strategic partners to co-create value across multiple dimensions from concepts, models, merchandise and customer service.


SHIXI Technology’s core team comprises seasoned professionals from renowned domestic mobile and consumer electronics companies, boasting over fifteen years of expertise in the consumer electronics industry. With a robust foundation in research and development, along with extensive upstream and downstream supply chain resources, the company excels in integrating capabilities such as R&D, cost management, quality assurance, and timely delivery.


DAXIN Industry is a One-stop solution manufacturer that integrates R&D design solution, prototyping, mold development, and manufacturing center.

It owns over 78,000㎡gross area, with 550RMB million investment.

Construction includes R & D laboratory center, prototyping center, precision mold development center, manufacturer center, comprehensive quality control system, high-efficiency warehouse logistics, administrative building and other supporting construction projects etc.

All this makes a strong support for our customers.

It has been awarded the honorary titles of “Qualification for Import and Export Operation”, “AAA Credit Enterprise” and “Enterprise with Respect to Contracts and Trustworthiness” for several times in succession.

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Name: Mia Huang

E-mail: mia@daxinwell.com 

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