DEEPX's DX-M1 Chip Recognized at CES 2024 as Leading AI of Things Solution

World’s only AI accelerator that combines low power, high performance, high efficiency, and cost-effectiveness hits new milestone of deployment to over 40 global companies

– DX-M1 AI chip has surpassed 40 global customers who are trialing it as part of DEEPX’s Early Engagement Customer Program, which has garnered significant interest from companies across robotics, autonomous vehicles, factory automation, AI-powered security systems, and AI servers.

– With applications for various embedded systems, DX-M1 is the optimal solution for realizing AI of Things, and its vast potential has been recognized with CES innovation Awards 2024 in both Embedded Technology and Robotics.

LAS VEGAS and SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DEEPX (CEO, Lokwon Kim), an original AI semiconductor technology company, is announcing that it has surpassed 40 customers for its flagship chip solution, DX-M1 — the only AI accelerator on the market to combine low power consumption, high efficiency and performance, and cost-effectiveness. The groundbreaking solution has been deployed for a hands-on trial to this customer pool, which spans global companies and domestic Korean enterprises across various sectors.

To experience how DX-M1 promises to revolutionize AI capabilities across industries, join DEEPX at Booth #8953, North Hall during CES 2024

DEEPX is currently running an Early Engagement Customer Program (EECP) to provide customers with early access to its small camera module, a one-chip solution featuring DX-V1; M.2 module featuring DX-M1; and DXNN®, the company’s developer environment. This allows customers to receive pre-production validation of DEEPX’s hardware and software, integrate them into mass-produced products, and realize AI technology innovations with the brand’s technical support.

Currently, DEEPX’s DX-M1 has been installed for pre-qualification testing in the mass production and development products of more than 40 global companies, covering robotics and smart mobility, AI video security systems, and AI servers. In particular, the robotics and smart mobility sectors increasingly require state-of-the-art, low-power, high-performance AI chips like DX-M1 that can be embedded in small form factors to enable highly advanced technologies such as autonomous driving and cognition.

The physical security market has one of the fastest AI penetration rates, making it essential to realize AI functions at the semiconductor level, such as object detection and intelligent video analysis. In this industry, DEEPX’s DX-M1, which uses a 5nm process, is the only one of its kind available, delivering an impressive power-to-performance ratio that far surpasses current market offerings. It supports real-time AI computational processing at over 30 frames-per-second (FPS) for more than 16 channels of multichannel video data on a single chip, and can process multiple AI algorithms simultaneously, such as object recognition and image classification. Moreover, unlike other AI chips, it has a wide spectrum of AI models supported, from the most popular YOLOv5 model for object recognition to the latest YOLOv8 and vision transformer models. Combining these technologies and advantages, DX-M1 leads the market through a blend of high efficiency and performance, low power consumption through its original technology, and cost effectiveness, all of which are critical for customers looking for AI chips.

While competing AI chips in the market currently use 32MB to 50MB of cache memory, DX-M1 only uses approximately one quarter of the cache memory, while also adding the advantages of AI chips such as computational processing power, compute accuracy, and support for a wide range of AI algorithms. (See table below).

Value Added



manufacturing costs

– Reducing the use of higher unit cost SRAMs

– Increased manufacturing count per wafer as product size shrinks


power consumption

– Smaller form factors require less energy

– Reusing data and memory reduces unnecessary operations

High efficiency and


– Reducing unnecessary operations with data and memory reuse

also increases processing speeds

– Optimized memory usage for faster processing

– High computational accuracy

– Supports SOTA AI models such as Yolov8 and others

The DX-M1 is also available in a compact M.2 module that can be quickly and easily plugged into existing embedded systems, allowing customers to easily upgrade to low-power, high-performance AI solutions without changing their existing systems.

As a testament to its potential impact on the market, the DX-M1 was honored with CES Innovation Awards 2024 in both the Embedded Technology and Robotics, adding DEEPX to a list of honorees that includes top-tier global brands.

As the company expands globally, DEEPX will showcase DX-M1’s full potential and more at Booth #8953, North Hall during CES 2024, January 9-12, 2024 in Las Vegas, NV.


Founded in anticipation of an era when artificial intelligence will be as ubiquitous as electricity and Wi-Fi, DEEPX develops the underlying technology for high-performance AI semiconductors and computing solutions that can make all electronic devices intelligent. DEEPX’s AI semiconductors are optimized for various AI applications, improving the energy efficiency of AI devices and enabling efficient AI functions. Currently, DEEPX is collaborating with customers such as Hyundai Kia Motors Robotics Lab, POSCO DX, and Jahwa Electronics, which joined forces earlier this year on mass production development. The brand is further expanding cooperation with more than 40 global companies in smart cameras, control and security systems, robots, AI medical devices, and AI servers, and is actively conducting global promotions centered on the United States, China, and Taiwan region.

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